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This is a great app, if you are looking for something to help you easily & quickly distribute assignments, handouts, links, etc. to students. 

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Students can also submit work to you through Showbie. It has the ability for students and/or teachers to leave voice notes with assignments. Multiple teachers can create classes within Showbie, so that students can see each class that they belong to. Then, they click on the class to see the assignments that the teacher has created for that class. Teachers are able to give due dates/times for assignments, thus not allowing work to be turned in late. Work is timestamped, so that the teacher can see exactly when it was turned in to Showbie. So many good features! And, super easy to learn how to use it! Students can then choose to keep them in Showbie or upload them to Google Drive or Notability, if they have their own method of organization that they'd like to use.

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Developer Description

Effortlessly assign, collect, and review student work from anywhere – with Showbie!

Showbie is a cloud storage solution designed specifically for K-12 schools that allows students to hand in homework electronically.

Through the website or app, students can

  • Share files quickly and easily
  • Express their creativity through various forms of media
  • Hand in their homework using a computer or mobile device

Showbie also allows teachers to

  • Assign schoolwork digitally
  • Collect student work without printing any paper
  • Review assignments anytime, anywhere

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