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About Shoonya Kids: Learn Languages

Shoonya Kids app teaches kids the foundation words of multiple languages through the use of colourful and fun mini-activities. The many languages include Hindi, English, German and Punjabi. The app is designed for use by children under the age of 10 and is available on iOS devices.

A free 7-day trial is available, after which Shoonya Kids app is available through a subscription.

Shoonya Kids: Learn Languages Review

What is Shoonya Kids app?

Shoonya Kids app is for young children learning a second language - especially Hindi. It contains mini-games and activities for children to explore, play and build their knowledge of the first words of each language. It is aimed to eventually cover 350 to 500 words per language although it is currently less than this with each language having a different level of coverage. 

What we love about Shoonya Kids app?

Shoonya Kids app is ambitious in the number of languages it incorporates. It not only covers some of the most widely spoken languages but plenty of others too. Each one is accompanied by clearly spoken words to ensure that learners get their pronunciation correct from the start. 

The app looks great throughout with clear and colourful graphics that will appeal to Shoonya Kids app's target audience of under 10s. Fun animations add to the appeal and are nicely done. 

The activities include not just word learning and recognition but letter recognition and forming too. The availability of this varies by language. 

What skills does it improve?

The Shoonya Kids app is designed to help kids learn the basic and most frequently used words of each language it covers. In some of these languages, it also shows how to write letters. 

The teaching model employed by Shoonya Kids app is that of the Montessori method. This means that it is designed for kids to choose their route through it and learn by playing. Teachers and parents can join in to offer guidance.   

What age is it appropriate for?

Shoonya Kids app is rated for children aged 4+. Using the app is simple.   

Is Shoonya Kids app easy to use?

It is easy to select languages and navigate between different activities in this app. Each mini-activity is either intuitive in its use or well explained.

How will students benefit?

Being based around the Montessori method, Shoonya Kids app gives children the freedom to work through the activities as they see fit. The activities are stress-free and children can experiment and take their time as they play through them. 

How will teachers benefit?

The activities in Shoonya Kids app could usefully be displayed on a large screen in a classroom. They will work well for whole-class teaching and as a fun way to replace traditional flashcards in language teaching. 

How will parents benefit?

Shoonya Kids app is particularly useful for children living in one country but with a heritage linking them to another. Using the fun activities in the app, especially with the support of a parent, this link can be strengthened.  

What Shoonya Kids app can improve on?

Shoonya Kids app covers an impressive number of languages, complete with spoken words, but this breadth seems to have resulted in the depth being quite shallow. As young children will only be likely to learn a single additional language, the breadth of languages is less important than the depth each one is covered in. 

Hindi is the language with the most activities (six) whereas English and German have only three dress-up, farm and jungle animal names. Young children learning Hindi will gain the best value from this app - other languages need to be expanded to at least the same level.   

This is the case at the time of this Shoonya Kids app review but new content is planned to be added so by the time you read this, it may have expanded upon the content for each language. 

During this review of Shoonya Kids app, a few glitches were encountered particularly when accessing an activity for the first time. Activities, when first accessed, download the sounds and graphics. This was quite slow and at times unsuccessful. A second attempt was needed to populate the activity. 

The app also fails to update the available activities to match the selected language. The updated activities only appear when the screen is exited and then re-entered.

How much does Shoonya Kids app cost?

Shoonya Kids app is free to download. When you sign up to the app you get a free 7-day trial subscription that lets your child access everything in the app.  

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

To continue using Shoonya Kids app after the seven days, you will need to allow the subscription to continue. As the trial version gives full access to the app there is no difference in content only that your child can continue to use it. 

Is Shoonya Kids app safe to use?

All of the app's content is suitable for children. There is no communication facility in the app and it does not ask for user data. 

Overall rating of the app

Shoonya Kids app is planned to grow and, for some languages, it needs to do so. Somebody purchasing it for Hindi learning will be a much happier subscriber than somebody purchasing it for German learning, for example. It still feels a bit thin on content even for the best-covered languages 

That being said, it is easy for parents to assess how much value this app will have for them as the free 7-day trial is very useful. This will be especially useful as the app grows beyond the point it is at at the time of this Shoonya Kids app review.  

At the moment, Shoonya Kids app is rated at 3 stars but as the content for each language grows, its quality and presentation should raise its value to subscribers. Review Soonya Kids app for yourself by downloading it and subscribing to the free trial. 

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