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About Shazam Download

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps, used by more than 100 million people each month to identify music, get song lyrics, and now to discover the music that artists discover themselves. Shazam is available to download for free on iOS or Android device.

Shazam Download Review

No need to pull out your iPhone when you want to find out what song that is playing around you. Launch Shazam on your iOS or Android device and watch the lyrics play across the screen in sync with the music. 

Shazam is a valuable Apple music app that assists you with recognizing music by means of your iPhone's amplifier. Hear a cool tune in the coffeehouse and need to know what it is? Dispatch Shazam, hit the huge catch, and Shazam deals with the rest. The application will make a past filled with your "labeled" tunes so you can investigate your recently discovered fortunes later. This is not an application you'll use regular, but rather you'll be happy you have it on your iPhone when you do need it. A convenient instrument for your music-disclosure weapons.

Identify music instantly and share in the thrill of music discovery with the artist you love. Now you can see what top artists like Calvin Harris, Pitbull, Meghan Trainor, Avicii, Jason Derulo, Wiz Khalifa and others are Shazaming. 

App Highlights

  • Enjoy music lyrics and YouTube videos
  • Preview songs with Apple Music and add them to Spotify playlists
  • Launch Pandora Radio based on the artists you discover
  • With Auto Shazam you can keep finding tunes even when you leave the app
  • Follow new artists with a tap of a button and see what those artists are Shazaming

Chances are fairly good that you still think of Shazam as that app that identifies songs for you, and yes, it does that, but the app has also been adding other functionality. The app now offers built-in music video playback, but it’s still based on Shazam’s core functionality: discovering and learning more about new music. Moreover, Shazam also now lets users identify and share songs directly within iMessage, because after all, music is a social experience.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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You can download Shazam Download on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Shazam Download app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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