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Developer Description

Shake & Pray is a prayer resource for young people (or older people who want to feel young again) it is based on a very successful Swatch book called ‘Swatch & Pray’.

It offers a series of simple activities and reflections for young people, bringing together the Church traditions of praying with the body and with the heart. It also offers a creative spiritual use of recent insights into kinaesthetic learning and brain gym exercises.

The prayers are designed to be used during the day in large groups, small groups or individually.

This app can be used in two ways either literally in a Shake & Pray mode when a shake of the Smartphone will give a random screen from the 60 prayer screens available or in the browse mode when an individual can choose a prayer from the list of 60 prayers or a leader may select an appropriate prayer for that day.

Some choices open up activities and reflections that lead from life experience into prayer. Other choices open up thirty ways of praying with the body.

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