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Seterra Geography

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 12+

About Seterra Geography

Seterra Geography app is a unique application available for iOS and windows online. The app contains over 100 challenging exercises and is suitable for ages 11+. The app teaches students to learn and identify countries, capitals, oceans, flags, cities, rivers, mountains, oceans, seas, territories, provinces and more. Learn and test yourself with timed sessions and leader boards.

Teacher Review

Upon opening the application, the user is shown a splash screen entering into a home screen with two choices of maps or flags.
Choosing the ‘Maps’ category moves the user into a second menu including most popular where an attempted score is held. We love the fact that the app is very informative and has a clean simple layout. Choosing a further option leads the user into an array of sub menus for learning and testing. For example, choosing “Europe’, as displayed on the map icon, lists approximately 50 test categories from cities to capitals to rivers. The information available to the user is incredible. When chosen each category offers a ‘Learn’ or ‘Play’ option. We recommend that you explore the ‘Learn’ option first to familiarise yourself with the content. The’ Learn’ option provides clear outlined maps that when pressed will reveal the content. We felt that when the user pressed the country the name should remain on the screen rather than disappearing after a short space of time. Sometimes the content is so overwhelming that keeping track of what you have pressed can be difficult. Once the user has taken on board the information they can press back to the ‘Play’ option.
The ‘Play’ option adds a timer in the top right hand corner along with a percentage for accuracy. If the user fails to locate the answer after three attempts the answer is revealed. We felt that some of the maps were a little unresponsive as they had to be clicked in the centre of the map. Once the answer had been highlighted we would like to see the name remain on the screen. If the user finds the correct answer first time the map turns white, and yellow for a second guess. Once the quiz has finished you can enter your time and percentage accuracy into the leader board creating competition within the classroom. We felt that maybe a score would be better than a percentage accuracy here. The ability to share the score is a great feature and maybe this could be expanded to more social media or platforms such as Drop Box.
The score is maintained within the application but there are no individual profiles to be saved. If the app was to be shared within the classroom there is no way of showing who is scoring well apart from the displaying the leader board. The app has a subtle selection of sound effects.
The ‘Flags’ option offers the user a similar experience with sub menus such as North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and The World. Once again the app allows the user to either ‘Learn’ or ‘Play’. The ‘Play’ option allows the user three attempts at finding the correct flag before the answer is revealed, once again the time and accuracy is logged in the top right of the app.
The main home page also offers options in the top left which include high scores, settings and about. We commend the developers for including 5 different languages within the application including German, Spanish, French, Swedish and English.
This application is vast and we were very impressed by the amount of content the application had to offer. However, we did find the application a little frustrating to use and bland. The developers might consider added photographs and further information about the content within the application. An option to ‘save’ a quiz that has been started could be beneficial. As a simple learn and test app for Geographical facts, it is great! 
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Android, iPad, iPhone



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Marianne Wartoft AB

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Seterra Map Quiz - What's Your World Geography IQ?

Whether you're studying for final exams or Final Jeopardy, Seterra has the geography category covered. The popular online and desktop based map quiz classic that has been entertaining and educating geography buffs ages 8-88 for almost 20 years has gone mobile.

Take on the world or conquer it one region at a time. The app includes 100+ different exercises to test your map skills. Learn to distinguish Tasmania from Tanzania and France's bleu, blanc, rouge flag from Russia's white, blue and red stripes. Cities, countries, capitals, continents and bodies of water are all in the mix. Pinpoint Kilimanjaro and Mount McKinley in the mountains test or discover exotic islands in the far flung reaches of the globe when trying the world islands quiz.

Those who are little rusty on their U.S. state capitals or vague on the current status and existence of those pesky "istans" can browse categories and shore up their knowledge base using the Learn Mode. When ready to test their memory, an interactive map identification task is just a click away.

Quiz Categories

  • Identify continents and the locations of countries within each
  • Find states, territories, provinces, and their capitals
  • Discover oceans, seas and rivers across the globe
  • Explore mountain ranges and volcanos
  • Match flags to the right country
  • Locate the world's 25 largest cities
  • Zero in on tiny islands dotting the map
  • Choose from 18 different tests on U.S. Geography

App Features

  • Available in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish
  • Zoomable maps with clear outlines around countries
  • Sessions are timed and graded for accuracy
  • Track progress across multiple categories
  • Leaderboards showing top scorers for each challenge
  • Create a My Favorites list of preferred games for easy access
  • Unlimited chances to retake a segment and improve the score
  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • Offline play supported

It's easy to challenge friends, classmates and family members in a head to head competition using Seterra. This app gives trivia contests a new spin and makes family game night rock. Teachers can put the social back in social studies with lively Geo Bee matches. There's a wide variety of content with enough depth to challenge the most diehard map hounds or just enough difficulty to prove you're smarter than a fifth grader.

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