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About Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen is an app that focuses on three- and four-letter word combinations, building vocabulary and phonics skills.

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen Review

What do we like about Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen?

Using letter-shaped cookie cutters, Cookie Monster bakes cookies in the app. Children contribute to the creation of words by selecting the final vowel. Next, combine the letters, add colour for the icing, and see the baked cookie word, either in the word's shape or with pictures illuminating its meaning. When students have created four related words, they can either "eat" those words or feed the Cooke Monster with them. Kids can decorate the kitchen wall with their own artwork for more entertainment.

What skills does it improve?

Children can build words effectively with the aid of a beloved character and a flexible approach. Each word group offers a variety of words by simply changing the vowel. If you don't have the physical vowel toys, you can still play with them by tapping the letters on the screen.

What age is it appropriate for?

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen free?

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen is available to download for free on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen easy to use?

Sesame Street goods are known for their excellent quality, educational value, and attention to detail. Although using the Tiggly Words manipulatives gives the activity additional fun and depth, it is still quite playable without them. People who are concerned that Cookie Monster's misuse of "me" as a subject and dropped word endings might reinforce poor language skills, especially in a game intended to teach words, may find Cookie Monster's grammar to be bothersome. However, supporters of Sesame Street contend that children may learn the sounds of letters while still distinguishing Cookie Monster from his preschool self.

How will students benefit?

Children can explore and construct words by changing vowels, which helps them learn phonics and expand their vocabulary. For instance, they begin with CVC sequences like "b t" and then insert vowels in the middle to produce "bat," "bet," "bit," or "but." The Cookie Monster redirects them to try again if they add vowels that don't form a word. After children demonstrate mastery of CVC words, they will progress to blends and digraphs, such as "st" or "sh" at the beginning and then at the end of words. Children can hear the phonetic sounds thanks to Cookie Monster's breakdown of them. The baking process also includes a lot of enjoyment.

How will teachers benefit?

The game could be used by teachers to give students individual practice stations. The play is entertaining, and since Cookie Monster is probably well-known to most children, it might be a good way to introduce phonics to children at the start of a school year. Kids can start building right away and learning about vowels.

What can Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen improve on?

No teacher options to create multiple user accounts or prescribe specific word groups.

How much does Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen cost?

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen is available at the cost of $2.99. 

Final thoughts

As kids combine letters and icing colours to construct words, phonics learning is built right into the enjoyment. The small things, such as using the four icing colours to create vibrant hues or hanging a picture on the kitchen wall, will captivate children. Children start with three-letter words before moving on to blends, which create new words simply by modifying the vowel. The cookie designs help to teach the word.

Kids are guided through play once they begin it using spoken and on-screen directions. The challenge rises quickly so that kids won't get bored, but there is no ability to pick and choose which word combinations to use or manually control the level.

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