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About Sentence Master App

Sentence Master Pro is a fantastic app to learn english aimed at helping young people improve their language abilities and known to some as the best app to learn english. Through focussing on the building of sentences and employing aspects of gamification, this learn english app encourages users to challenge themselves in a game environment to match words together to form a sentence. The way the game works is to give the user a number of words and for them to then unscramble and form into a full sentence within a time limit with the added challenge of losing time when an incorrect answer is chosen. Sentence Master pro is available to download on iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices. Download Sentence Master Pro for free or unlock even more content with in-app purchases starting at $2.99.

Sentence Master App Review

Looking for the best app to learn english? You can tell from the outset that a lot of work has gone into creating this english app. From looking at the developer's website it is clear that they have a very good understanding of what this learn english app can do and how it can be used in a number of different situations. The developer's website sets out that this english sentence app has been fully designed by educators and the more you use the app the more you understand that this is the case, from the design and gameplay all the way through to the content itself.

What we love about Sentence Master

One of the most appealing aspects of Sentence Master is the fact that it can used by a number of different people with different abilities in the English language. For instance, it works really well as an app for younger children who already have a certain level of proficiency in reading and writing to improve their understanding, but older users can also access this english learning app on a different level especially if they have English as an additional language and are wanting to improve their proficiency too. It could also be used for more top level students too who again want to continue to enrich their own abilities. With a whole section of this english sentence app dedicated to Proverbs and Sayings, it could even be used by an adult wanting to give themselves a bit of a challenge! 

It's also clear to see from the website that although this learn english app can be used perfectly well as a standalone english app that the developers have a much bigger picture of literacy and language development at their heart. They have a whole suite of apps aimed at trying to engage improvements in English and other languages too.

How can the Sentence Master app develop skills?

The aim of this english learning app itself is to help users improve their abilities and proficiency in the English language. As far as users, this isn't just aimed at young children who are aiming to perfect the language (although this is an ideal app for this) but also at older users looking to challenge themselves and prove their own abilities too. Sentence Master is split into 5 different game levels ranging from Beginner through to Competent, Professional and Expert with the final level being a focus on Sayings and Proverbs. With such a range of levels it means that users with a variety of ability levels can access this for completely different reasons. Yes, a young child learning to read and write and improve their proficiency, but also someone learning English as a second or third language and wanting to improve their understanding of sentence structure. All the way to an older user wanting to challenge themselves to see how well they know the language too. All these groups of users can access this english sentence app and get a lot out of using it.

It’s not only the different range of people who could use Sentence Master that makes it successful, it’s also the actual design and gameplay within the app that really makes it. As already mentioned, this english learning app has been created by educators, so the content is exactly what you would expect, but, importantly, and where a number of other apps fall down, is that the look and design are perfectly matched to the content. The design is very slick and professional, putting it up there with some of the best looking apps on the market. The colour scheme is very subtle and there is nothing that distracts from the learning within the app, again another issue some apps have.

Is Sentence Master game easy to use?

Yes, Sentence Master is easy to use. The gameplay is also another a major positive and will have users returning to the app time and again. Upon opening Sentence Master the user is taken to the home page which displays the option to play either as a single player or as a multiplayer. The multiplayer option allows you to challenge either an invited friend or one found via this sentence master app. At the bottom of the screen there are also options to view the achievements page which tracks the progress of the user through the app, as well as a leader board, a settings menu and finally a link to the developer’s website.

Once the user has selected either multi or single player, they are then taken to a further menu where they can choose the level they wish to play. Once this has been selected, then it moves straight into the content of this sentence master app. If it is the first time then an option will be given to see a demo. The game itself has words appear at the bottom of the page with the user tasked to unscramble them to form into a correct sentence within the time limit. An incorrect answer reduces the time. Once the sentence has been completed, a results page pops up giving a mark out of 3 stars (depending on accuracy and speed) with the time taken also highlighted. There are also lots of encouragements given throughout Sentence Master highlighting mistakes and celebrating successes, this is a good touch to keep users wanting to continue to use this sentence master app.

The fact that the learn english sentence master also retains the scores is incredibly useful. I can see Sentence Master being used in a classroom/learning setting and so by having this feature and being able to see where and how mistakes have been made there is a clearly defined way of setting and seeing improvements with continual use.

Overall, this is a very well designed english learning app whose content really matches its high level aims of helping users to improve their abilities in the English language. 

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