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Sentence Builder

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Teacher Overview

Sentence Builder is a simple-to-use and bright app that can help children learn about sentence structure, punctuation and grammar. Children are provided with a picture and a set of words to rearrange to form sentences. The app has 2 levels and has progression within the levels, starting with simple sentences before moving to more complicated sentences with unnecessary words to challenge students further. 

Teacher Review

The Sentence Builder App helps students develop word recognition, listening, and sentence skills. It presents words in random order, then asks players to drag the words into place to make the narrated sentence.

The Sentence Builder App will help younger users practice syntax, grammar, reading comprehension, sight words and more. There are two levels that include many sentence patterns, such as subject-verb-adverb or subject-verb-object. Level 1 of the Sentence Builder App offers 250 sentences to create.  Each screen has the correct words out of order. Level 2 increases the difficulty by offering the same sentences with many word choices. 
There are sentences that focus on basic vocabulary such as color words and days of the week, as well, and most sections include questions in addition to statements. The upper level includes distractor words that do not belong in the sentences as well as distractor punctuation marks that are not appropriate for the sentence. Users are to listen to the sentences, then drag the words into the correct order to reproduce it. The narration can be turned on and off, changing the task into a reading comprehension exercise. There are records kept for each user of which sentences have been successfully completed.
Users can also create and record their own sentences. This is a huge advantage over similar systems, because you can individualize and personalize assignments to meet student needs. In this way, you could create tasks that are targeted at exactly the right level for the student’s needs.
This app is a good value, especially since it has the ability to incorporate individualized content. The provided content is a good fit for the intended age group (kindergarten through second grade), and since users can add content, the app will be useful for nearly any setting. It includes over 200 built-in sentences in many different patterns. With the different difficulty levels, the huge selection of sentences, and the endless possibilities of the Self Created Lessons, this app will continue to be new and useful throughout the entire school year.

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A fun new sentence builder app is designed for children to learn about words, sentences, pronunciation, grammar, and punctuation.

We worked closely with teachers, parents and children to design and test this app.


  • Sentences
  • Sight Words 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Grammars 
  • Punctuation 
  • Pronunciation 
  • Teacher approved content 
  • Two different levels

Students can move the words around to build the sentences themselves. Each word can be clicked for the sound of the word, and words can be rearranged to make a proper sentence.

The app starts with simple sentences and progresses to more complex sentences. The sentences focus on daily life situations, with many references to numbers, colours, and dialogue.

This app is ideal for self-paced learning or home schooling. It teaches children grammar, sentence structure, and develops their listening skills.

This game is like having a private tutor to teach your child one on one.
  • Sentence Builder helps children to learn how to construct short sentences 
  • The app includes two built-in levels and self created sentences suited for Early years.
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