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About See.Touch.Learn Pro

See Touch Learn Pro is an app for creating and sharing instructional lessons for special educational needs students.

See.Touch.Learn Pro Review

This app is aimed at practitioners working with special educational needs students, whether in a school, as an advisor or as a parent. The premise behind it is to create a ‘one-stop’ platform where instructional lessons can be created and shared for those working in special educational needs. It is both the practitioner to use to create lessons and then for the students to access those lessons on. With a data collection part of the app there is massive potential to personalise the learning for each of the individuals accessing the app.

Although the design, on first look seems quite generic there is a lot within this app that makes it successful at its aims. It is also backed up with an extremely well thought out and provisioned website. The site includes a number of instructional videos on how to make the best out of the app and also a number of ways to access the developer should you wish so. To access the app you do need to set up an account with the developer however when you do this you have access to a great resource and network.

Once you have set up your account and open up the app there are a number of options available to the user. Down the left hand side you have your toolbar which includes the library/lesson tab, a create lesson tab, a student tab (where you can set up your student users), a community tab, settings tab and finally an information tab where you can access the developers website and find out more information.

As the app is a platform for creating instructional lessons the top couple of tabs; lesson and create lesson tabs are going to be the ones that are used the most. As you would hope they are both extremely easy to access and this allows the user to spend their time creating the lessons rather than worrying about how all the features etc work. There is a large bank of images available through the app however the user has the ability to add their own ones too. This is perfect for being able to link the learning the students will be receiving to their own environments, something key when working with special educational needs students.

When creating your own lesson the app provides everything you need to do so easily including setting the skill level, the subject and the type of lesson you are creating. With templates already set up for you this not only saves times but makes the end product one that will be used over and again and can be adapted to individual students’ needs rather than a generic set of lessons. There is also an option in the lessons to record sound prompts and each correct or incorrect answers gives this prompt as well as a visual one to highlight the success of the user.

Another tab that will be used is the student one. The user has the ability to set up their students so they can attribute certain lessons to them when they are using the app. This allows for data collection throughout the app which helps show the progress that students are making. Notes can also be added to these areas which means that lessons can be adapted to each individual and personalised to their own learning journey.

Outside of all these excellent features the one that I liked the most is the community tab. Within this you have access to lessons and knowledge of others using the app. This means that you have access to an ever increasing amount of information and resources to allow educators and practitioners the ability to save time and create the best lessons for their students and so help the students to make as much progress as possible.

From a student’s perspective the game play itself is really good. This is where the developers have been smart in creating an app that works as a tool in building lessons but then allows these lessons to actually be used in the same app. I can see the benefit to both the student and the practitioner in terms of monitoring and personalising the learning.

The app is available as an individual download from iTunes (the See.Touch.Learn.® Pro version) as well as a group edition for schools (See.Touch.Learn.® Site Edition). The SITE Edition includes a few extra features designed for groups (data collection for unlimited number of students and access to a private community for sharing lessons).

Overall this is very useful tool for those working with special education needs students that has the dual purpose of creating resources and instructional lessons and also allowing the students to then access these lessons.

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