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SecureTeen Parental Control With Safe Browser

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iPad, iPhone





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  • SecureTeen Parental Control With Safe BrowserSecureTeen Parental Control With Safe BrowserSecureTeen Parental Control With Safe BrowserSecureTeen Parental Control With Safe BrowserSecureTeen Parental Control With Safe Browser

Publisher's Description

Kids can be exposed to multiple forms of harmful content online. Parents have to ask themselves if they can do more to keep their children safe. SecureTeen is a comprehensive parental control app that gives you greater power over how kids access the internet. With the app you can keep an eye on your child’s online activities, stay one step ahead of them through location alerts, and keep them guarded against harmful content.

Adolescence is a time when kids absorb almost all the things that they learn instantaneously. If they’re not protected from the virtual world then there will be a problem. SecureTeen Parental Control with Safe browser filters all the bad content so that your kids can absorb only the good content found online.s
The app also lets parents ensure their children are safe against cyberbullying, stalkers, porn, mature content, and a bulk of harmful things found online. Here’s how SecureTeen delivers such amazing results:-

  • Stay in the know about your child’s online activities 24/7
  • SecureTeen offers its very own browser to help parents keep a check on their child
  • Take advantage of SecureTeen’s built-in categories for an extra blanket of security against disgusting online content
  • SecureTeen offers keyword based blocking which can help you shut harmful online content out completely. Use this along with white/black lists to keep your child secure
  • Web history logs are created constantly so that parents can keep an eye on what their child is doing online
  • The app can let you track your child’s location. No matter where they are you will be able to find them and keep them safe
  • Parents can use remote control options to not only keep their child safe but also enhance their device’s protection
  • Once you install SecureTeen on your child’s device you will never have to bother them for it ever again. All the information and details gathered by SecureTeen are available for your perusal through an online dashboard
  • SecureTeen aims to facilitate parents in keeping their children safe with minimal supervision. The internet is the way of the future, and this app is the best choice you have to tackle with these dangers.
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