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Sea Creatures Voice Flashcards

About Sea Creatures Voice Flashcards

Laugh and play with your small child as they tap to discover Sea Creatures!

Your child will love finding and tapping the creatures as they swim past in this classic “peek-a-boo” application. Bright, beautiful screens with pleasant voiceovers, flash cards, and subtle sound effects keep your child’s attention without the distracting and obnoxious strobes and loud sound effects found in other apps. And parents will love the flash card identifiers with a child’s voiceover plus word spelling to reinforce the creature to your child!


* Peek-a-boo play mode with screen taps lets children discover sea creatures in a fun, accessible way they can easily understand

* Crisp creature artwork allows your child to identify fish, sharks, octopus, sea turtles, rays, dolphins, and more!

* Stable, bright underwater art screens make finding the creatures easy and fun as they swim through the stylized art layers

* Flashcard identifiers clearly highlight selected creature with block text spelling without flashing screens or distractions

* Voiceovers from children help your little one connect with the creature’s identifier flashcard

* Subtle background sound effects immerse your child in the environment

Let us know your ideas for fixes or improvements at – and stay tuned for new levels and more!

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