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About Scribble Together Whiteboard

Scribble Together is a collaboration tool usable through the browser or an iOS app. A subscriber to this app can invite others, whether subscribers or not, to share a virtual drawing pad, and all participants can draw and annotate the existing content.

Scribble Together works in conjunction with other communication tools to provide an intuitive, collaborative environment. You can download the app for free and use its drawing tools. Only subscribers can start a shared session, but you can try a free trial first.

Scribble Together Whiteboard Review

What is Scribble Together app?

Scribble Together is a collaborative drawing tool that allows users on different devices to draw together even when they are apart. 

What we love about Scribble Together

Scribble Together has many thoughtful features that make working on projects from different subjects easy. Backgrounds suitable for maths, art, design and music provide useful starting points.   

Users can easily add photographs or existing PDFs to the page, and all collaborating users will share these. This feature will be useful for reference images, jointly working on worksheets, or sharing printed instructions. The simplicity with which you can annotate PDFs makes this feature useful even when you are not collaborating. 

Free from the constraints of the real world, Scribble Together's drawing pads can be as large as the users desire. One user scrolling around a large page can choose whether to direct other users to the same area or not. 

Scribble Together's developers have avoided the temptation to make using the app membership-based. Nobody needs to create an account. 

Non-subscribers can wait to receive an invite code by message or email. 

Subscribers can create these codes in the app and send them using whatever messaging system they choose. 

What age is it appropriate for?

There is nothing in Scribble Together to restrict it by age. Kids and adults who can understand how to use simple drawing tools and need to collaborate with others remotely will be able to make good use of the Scribble Together app. 

Is Scribble Together easy to use?

Scribble Together has an easy to follow guide to getting started with the app. It covers all of the details new users need to know, and, combined with a bit of experimentation, they should soon be able to use it fluently. 

Children might need a short period of familiarisation before they are entirely comfortable with the app, but that is to be expected of any software with multiple tools. 

Scribble Together has some helpful features to help kids draw and annotate. When the app detects the user is trying to draw shapes or straight lines, it tidies up the user-drawn form into a crisp geometric style. 

If users have access to an Apple Pencil, the app can take advantage of the greater control and precision, but it is not essential to have one. 

How will students benefit?

Scribble Together provides a lovely way for kids to collaborate on homework and have fun. They can easily explain their thoughts to friends and save the images to show their collaborative process to parents and teachers. 

How will teachers benefit?

A detailed case study is available showing how one teacher used the app to aid his lessons. This reflection will provide other teachers with inspiration. 

It is easy to explain using the app's features. As well as the drawing tools, there is a laser pointer to indicate parts of the drawing without making any changes. 

Should teachers ever need to help kids remotely, perhaps because of school closures or illness, Scribble Together will make it easy. By not requiring everyone to have an account or even a subscription, Scribble Together is easy to deploy and recommend to parents and students.

How will parents benefit?

Working well with others is an important skill for kids to develop but can be difficult for kids to practice outside of school. Kids can work with classmates at school, but distance can make continuing after hometime difficult. 

Parents, short of time or transport, will appreciate Scribble Together for allowing kids to continue working together remotely. The app works well when used alongside other communication apps like a phone call, FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Meet. 

As only the person inviting others to join needs a subscription, parents can help kids with homework even if they can't be at home, just by having a single subscription. 

What can Scribble Together improve on?

The curse of drawing programs is that users always want more drawing tools and options. Scribble Together's current tools are a good balance between simplicity and flexibility, but a few more would be welcome.

How much does Scribble Together cost?

Scribble Together has a very fair way of letting you test it out. You can download the app for free and use all of its drawing tools. Depending on the subscription option you choose, you get either a two-week or thirty-day trial. 

A subscription allows you to collaborate with friends remotely. Without a subscription, you can continue to use the app but not invite friends to join you, although if they are subscribers, they can invite you. The price is fair, and you can get better value by subscribing for a year rather than month by month. 

Pleasingly, even if you let your trial or subscription lapse, you can still access your drawings. 

Is Scribble Together safe to use?

There is nothing in the app that is inappropriate for kids. However, as this is an app that facilitates communication, there is the potential for kids to misuse it. As with any app with this sort of functionality, adults should ensure that kids understand online safety and are aware of the ground rules in using the app. 

Overall rating of the app

Scribble Together's well-considered feature set, ease of use, and fair price structure make it easy to recommend. There are more uses than can be mentioned in a single review for a tool that lets multiple people share a drawing pad, but if you can think of one that would benefit you or your kids, Scribble Together is the app to get.

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