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About ScreenLimit

Entertainment apps are designed to leave their users wanting more. Children may struggle to leave them alone even when they should be doing something else. ScreenLimit helps you to shore up children's willpower and encourage them occasionally to put down their screens.

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A look through the Educational App Store shows that apps have the power to enhance your child's education. A look through the general app stores shows that devices have the power to damage your child's education. ScreenLimit gives parents the ability to control their children's use of their mobile devices in a fine-grained way. Parents can review this information with their child and set a daily time limit

When and for how long the device can be used is controllable. What apps have limited time available to them can be set. Grant unlimited access to the latest and best maths apps while stopping the latest and most addictive games from holding children in thrall for hours.

The default setting for all apps is for them to be timed when your children are using their device. However, if they are using a homework app you can grant them unlimited access for that specific app. If they switch to another app, their timer will re-start. You can also block specific apps.

For ScreenLimit to do its job it does need to have more power over your device than other apps.  It controls access to apps in a way that you would not want every app to be able to do. On iPads you will need to allow the device to install a Multiple Device Management profile.  Other devices may require you to allow ScreenLimit a higher level of access than usual.

No user should ever do such things without considering whether it is necessary and for a good reason. In the case of ScreenLimit, it is. It cannot do the job you would want it to without the higher-level access you grant it.

This is only done once per device when the app is first installed and the app talks you through the process in a clear and easy to follow way.

Other things you need to do are identify the children that will use each device and set the limitations. Both are easy to do.  In the case of the limitations, a useful set of basic plans is included.  You can choose one of these and modify it if you need to. You can also set different ones for different times, such as term time and holidays.

Multiple children can be catered for. They can identify their own account by name or by picture and also protect their account from brothers and sisters by using their own secret PIN.

As the overseer of the account, you can adjust the settings for each child. You can highlight tasks that earn extra minutes on the device. You can even send a message to every child's device, saving you having to shout across your home that dinner is served. 

A very useful option exists to override the set plan. An unexpected long journey may cause you to want to offer more time on the device. The lure of the device may be too much to resist at inappropriate times, even if children do have minutes spare, so you may choose to lock it. This option is easy to access and quick to use by just cycling between 'locked', 'unlocked' and, the more usual, 'timed' options.  You can do this from any device where you can connect to the internet, not just the actual device being used by your child.

A good introductory offer is available so that you can try ScreenLimit's service out at no risk. This app is no substitute for a reasoned and open agreement between parents and children.  A conversation about the sensible use of technology should still be had but this app provides a framework where parent and child can ensure that they stick to what is agreed.  Provide a fun and stimulating alternative to children's devices when ScreenLimit locks them down and you might even find that your child sees more of the world outside of their screens.

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ScreenLimit enables parents to remotely manage the whole family’s screen time from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Overuse of devices has been linked to childhood obesity, poor performance in class and general bad behaviour.

Successfully control your family’s screen time with the following features:

Give rewards

Teach your children to earn screen time through good behaviour. Download one of our plans devised by parenting experts or create a unique plan.

Daily time limit

Set a daily time limit for your children to spend on their devices. Our unique synchronised timer works across all their devices ensuring that children don’t spend more time on screens than you want.

Instantly block

With ScreenLimit you can instantly remotely block, unblock or grant unlimited access to devices.

Set schedules

When it's time for school, homework or bed ScreenLimit schedules help the day run like clockwork.


Instantly message children to let them know it’s 5 minutes until dinner or that they need to get ready to leave the house. Children can message back and also let you know when chores have been completed.

ScreenLimit is easy to use and set up, with the handy on screen install help and our FAQ section. It’s a useful tool for parents who wish to restore balanced family time and guide children to adopt healthier habits. It is the perfect parental control solution and is suitable for children of all ages.

At ScreenLimit we advise that parents introduce these controls as soon as children start using devices. This helps establish family rules early. With our panel of experts, we also have the advice that you need to ensure older children and teenagers can engage positively with your new screen time rules.

Download the app now and join our FREE trial where you will be given 1000 minutes of screen time to allocate to your children so that you can experience Screen Limit for yourself. Once the trial has ended you will be invited to subscribe or you can choose to continue to use some of the basic features for free.

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