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About ScreenCoach

ScreenCoach is a screen time management app that uses a task and reward system to help parents balance their kids' use of digital devices. The platform has a task reward system and incorporates a pocket money/allowance management system. ScreenCoach's features include tools common in other app types, such as chore apps, pocket money managers, and screen control apps.

A subscription to ScreenCoach will let parents manage tasks and rewards related to screen time on mobile devices and computers. An optional hardware solution can extend control to streaming television services and game consoles. Your first month of ScreenCoach subscription is charged at a nominal rate to let you assess the platform. The app-only service works with mobile devices and computers.

ScreenCoach Review

What is ScreenCoach app?

ScreenCoach is a mix of a chore app, a screen control app, and a pocket money management app. It works to remind kids of their agreed tasks, improve the balance between digital and real-world activities, and build a link between meeting responsibilities and enjoyment.

The setup of Screen Coach involves installing an app on each device and inputting your preferences per child through a parental dashboard. You define their allowances, which ScreenCoach will track — when kids reach the end of this time, none of their devices will let them carry on. Similarly, the time counts down whichever device they use.

After installing the app on each device, you don't need to access them physically to change the settings and can manage all users and devices through the parental dashboard of the app.

When kids complete a task, you can check and approve it. Once you've confirmed the task's completion, your kids receive their rewards.

You can set fixed access times that block using devices at certain times, even if kids do have remaining screen time. This is useful to employ after bedtime or for dedicated family time.

The hardware is not part of this ScreenCoach app review, but the possibility of increasing the reach of your screen control across all screen-based devices in your home is a plus.

What we love about ScreenCoach app.

Rewards are a good way to build good habits in kids and strengthen the reward's value. If ScreenCoach had only rewarded kids with screen time, it would have reinforced screen time as something to desire. However, the app balances (or lets you balance) screen time (tokens) against pocket money (gems).

A reward earned in the app could be for either of these. The choice makes for a more meaningful decision for kids and lets parents match the app to their kids. For example, if screen time does not particularly motivate your child, you could use other rewards to motivate them to complete their tasks.

ScreenCoach is also grounded in the real world. Families include more than one kid, and while many control solutions struggle with multi-child households, ScreenCoach accommodates them. Kids can earn their own rewards.

Not all screen time is equal. You don't want your kids to be unable to complete their homework until they've completed a task, so you can also set modes such as school time to block anything not educational. At bedtime, you might only allow a story or book app.

ScreenCoach also recognises that kids can test boundaries and attempt to overcome restrictions. The app has features to ensure siblings can't 'accidentally' use another's screen time. The platform prevents other tricks like switching to offline games when kids have used up their online time.

While ScreenCoach comes with a list of pre-prepared activities to set for kids, these are just to save time. You can add tasks relevant to your family. You can also set the value of the rewards, whether as screen time or pocket money.

We liked that kids could get involved and suggest activities they'd like included. Parents can approve or decline these suggestions, but we'd advise discussing them with kids so they understand your reasoning.

We always consider each app's supporting website when we review them, and ScreenCoach's is one of the most useful we have seen. It has informative articles and videos open to everyone, including great parenting insights and advice. They also contain excellent supporting material and guides for new and existing users of ScreenCoach.

What skills does it teach?

ScreenCoach is not an educational app, but its features allow it to support children's education. It will allow kids the freedom to use the internet for independent learning while reassuring parents that their kids are not using their devices purely for entertainment.

As the app's tasks could be as simple as going for a 15-minute walk or attending a sports club, it is also useful to motivate kids to exercise—a habit which will benefit them throughout life.

Controlling kids' screen time also helps parents ensure their kids complete offline tasks, such as written homework, before their screens distract them.

What age is it appropriate for?

Age is not the primary indicator of whether you need a screen control app for your kids. ScreenCoach is primarily meant for tweens and teens, but consider the following questions:

Do you want to adjust the balance between the time kids spend using screens and other activities?

Do you want to adjust the balance kids spend using their screens for entertainment and education?

Do you want screen time to be something kids earn?

If you answer yes to any of these, you should continue reading this review of ScreenCoach because it may provide the solution.

Is ScreenCoach app easy to use?

Setting up any screen control app requires a little time from parents to do it correctly, but ScreenCoach has one of the most informative onboarding processes we have reviewed. It guides you through the process well and has excellent supporting videos. An easily browsable and searchable FAQ makes finding answers straightforward.

If you want the process to be even easier, you can choose an enhanced package for a slightly higher fee, which will provide you with direct support through the process for each device.

How will students benefit?

ScreenCoach provides a level of certainty to kids. It provides an understandable and clear relationship between carrying out their responsibilities and enjoying the fruits of their diligence.

They can see from the ScreenCoach app what they need to do and can plan their time accordingly. They might alternate screen time with completing a task or getting everything done first. Either is a win for parents, but kids will appreciate the decision-making flexibility.

How will parents benefit?

ScreenCoach highlights its features by referencing the benefit of reducing nagging. Nobody likes nagging. Kids certainly don't like to be nagged, and parents, despite being the source of it, become frustrated by having to do it. It also disrupts family harmony.

An excellent addition to this is the use of bonuses. Should a child complete a task with a less-than-ideal attitude, they could not apply for the bonus of a "good attitude". If they did it cheerfully and effectively, they could get that bonus. This a great prompt towards being gracious when complying.

Having ScreenCoach manage tasks and rewards helps to distance parents from the process. Kids see what they need to do and what they will get for doing it. You may feel that kids should not expect to be paid for every household contribution, but the choice of screen time versus money helps limit the process's transactional nature.

Kids were likely to use their devices anyway. ScreenCoach just stands in their way until their responsibilities have been met. But the option of earning allowances also remains.

How will teachers benefit?

ScreenCoach is primarily a home-based service, but teachers will certainly appreciate the positive benefits of ScreenCoach's controls, such as more alert and well-rested pupils.

How much does ScreenCoach app cost?

When you subscribe via the website to ScreenCoach using card payment or PayPal, there is no free trial, but the first month is nominal. If you go via your device's app store, you can take advantage of a free trial and control your subscription terms in the usual manner.

If you continue, the subscription rate is comparable to competing ScreenTime control apps. There is an optional hardware device to extend the controls to game consoles or television streaming services.

While the supporting resources explained the ScreenCoach setup well, upgrading your subscription to include customer-service guided assistance can make it even easier.

Is ScreenCoach app safe to use?

As with any app or hardware solution providing device monitoring or control, you must ensure that the app's privacy policy and terms and conditions fit your expectations.

The privacy policy acknowledges that the app is designed to be used by kids under thirteen with parental consent.

We did not observe any unsuitable content or advertisements in the app during this review.

What can ScreenCoach app improve on?

When you first sign up to ScreenCoach, you will see two checkboxes common to app sign-up processes. One is where you agree to the app's terms and conditions — obviously, if you want to use the app, you will need to agree to these.

However, the second, where you indicate whether you are willing to receive future communications, should not be a compulsory requirement, yet it is. If you do not check this box, you cannot continue subscribing to the app for the free trial. The button is greyed out until you agree to receive future communications. We would prefer a real option or for the app to inform new subscribers it is compulsory rather than show an illusion of choice.

A further issue we noticed was that if you subscribe through ScreenCoach's website, ending your trial is not as straightforward as expected. When you try to cancel, it tells you to do so through a third-party Kartra account. It offers no links or guidance on how to do this, and we don't feel we should use another service or contact customer service to carry out our intention.

Subscribing through your device's app store has no such limitations, and you can cancel as easily as you would for any other app.

Overall rating of the app.

ScreenCoach is an excellent app to support parents in an increasingly digital world. Games and other digital pursuits have perfected the art of keeping users engaged and wanting more. Parents face an uphill struggle to convince kids to do something else.

Fortunately, technology sometimes solves its problems, and the combination of screen control, task logging, and pocket money management work superbly together. If you want your kids to contribute more to your household's daily life or discover activities away from their screens without you having to nag, ScreenCoach is a five-star app worth your consideration.

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Introducing ScreenCoach - Your Ultimate Screen Time Manager for the Whole Family that Rewards Good Habits!

Tired of the constant struggle to pry your kids away from their devices?

Discover ScreenCoach, the life-tech balance superhero that makes managing screen time a breeze for busy parents like you.

It rewards your kids for non-screen activities and even includes an allowance manager!

Key Features:

Earn More Screen Time: Watch your kids eagerly complete chores, exercise, homework, and fun activities to earn extra screen time or pocket money (or both!).

Multiple access times: For ultimate parental control, you can have several allowed access times set up in a single day. For example, 7-8am, 4-5pm and 6-7pm.

Works across multiple platforms: When your child’s time is up on one device, they can’t simply pick up another - because it will also be blocked!
Allowance Management: Reward your child, track and efficiently manage allowance / pocket money, including automated recurring expenses and income.

Customizable Activities: Create a tailored list of engaging activities to keep your kids active and entertained offline. Also includes reminders & automated repeating activities - eg. brush teeth at 8pm every night!

Modes for School Time, Fun time & Sleep: Switch to School mode to temporarily block games, social media, and streaming during study hours. At night, all Apps can be blocked except an audio app for listening to music or bedtime stories.

Interactive Parent Dashboard: Keep tabs on your child's total device time, current pocket money, and the tokens they've earned by completing set activities.

App Blocking: When screen time is up or during restricted hours, ScreenCoach automatically blocks access to apps.

Child-Driven Fun: ScreenCoach is designed to be easy and enjoyable for kids, as they watch their device time grow with each completed activity.

Note: ScreenCoach uses Apple's ScreenTime API to efficiently manage screen time and app access. Works best when an Apple Family is set up with child members.

Join the ScreenCoach family today and create a harmonious home where kids embrace a balanced tech lifestyle, while still enjoying their screen time in a controlled and responsible manner.

To provide a comprehensive experience, ScreenCoach may collect location data about the device in the background, enabling parents to track the device's location and usage history effectively.

Download ScreenCoach now and experience the jos of hassle-free screen time management with a touch of fun and empowerment for the entire family!