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About SCRABBLE Dictionary

Scrabble dictionary is an app that includes all of the words that are eligible for recreational and school play.

SCRABBLE Dictionary Review

Scrabble Dictionary contains more than 100,000 playable words, ranging from two to eight-letter words that can be played.

What do we like about Scrabble Dictionary?

Dictionary, Recent, Favourites, Word Finder, and More are among the five categories. Although this is a basic layout, it undoubtedly improves the user experience. The Word Finder component of this app is undoubtedly its most popular function. All the words that can be created with the tiles you already have on your rack are listed here.

What skills does it improve?

Scrabble Dictionary helps you equip to enhance your skills in vocabulary. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Scrabble Dictionary is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Scrabble Dictionary free?

Scrabble Dictionary can be easily accessed on all iOS devices. 

Is Scrabble Dictionary easy to use?

This app's user interface is presented in a user-friendly manner and includes a five-icon menu at the bottom of the screen to make it simple to switch between parts.

How will users benefit?

Go to Find Words after tapping on the letters you want to use. Following that, you will be given a list of the various words to play, listed in decreasing order of length. If you provide this app access to your microphone, you can even use voice search to find words. It provides voice search technology, and it performs admirably.

You may also track the terms you've looked up recently in the Recent section and add unusual words to your list of favourites. Additionally, if you're using this app on an iPad, you can utilise the Scrolling Index to view the entire vocabulary at once. The absence of adverts in this app improves the user experience even more and significantly helps to justify its high pricing.

The app has hundreds of new words added from the Official Tournament and Club Word List, 2014 Edition, as well as ALL of the terms that are legal for recreational and educational play.

What can Scrabble Dictionary improve on?

Scrabble Dictionary has nothing to improve as it perfects the need of every user. 

How much does it cost?

Scrabble Dictionary is available at the cost of $4.99.

Final thoughts

Scrabble offers a word search function, a favourites part where you can save words for later use and a Recents section. The ability to input your tile collection and have the dictionary suggest all the words you can make from it is one of my favourite features.

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