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About ScoreWind's Classical Strings

ScoreWind’s Classical Strings is an app available for download on iOS. ScoreWind’s Classical Strings delivers step-by-step video lessons, teaching the learner how to play and read music at the same time. Detailed, structured lessons are provided through the interactive VideoScore feature, delivered by experienced specialist teachers.

When entering the app the user is guided to the relevant learning path for them by answering a few questions about their current playing ability. They are then provided with a personalised learning path based on this feedback. The learning path courses are broken down into short individual lessons to help the student master particular techniques, explore songs, advance their sight-reading and develop music reading skills.

ScoreWind's Classical Strings Review

What we love about ScoreWind’s Classical Strings

ScoreWind’s Classical Strings app is a clear, stepwise, fun and interactive way to learn the guitar or violin. The tutorials, recorded by experienced musicians are structured, detailed and high quality, encouraging the learner to play with good technique and accuracy. The VideoScore feature is very useful in helping learners to follow music notation, allowing them to play and read music at the same time.

What skills does it improve?

ScoreWind’s Classical Strings develops the players’ ability to read and play the guitar/violin. The user progresses through a course pitched at their current playing level. They follow step-by-step lessons that break down the learning into chunks and allow the learner to try out what they have learned in the context of levelled play-along pieces.

ScoreWind’s Classical Strings develops not only aural learning and the user’s ability to read and play from musical notation but also contains clear tutorials on holding and maintaining the instrument, hand positioning and more. This ensures that students feel confident in tackling the physical dexterity of playing the guitar/violin alongside reading and engaging with music.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app is most suitable for older primary to secondary school children as well as adult, beginner-intermediate violinists/guitarists. It is designed for those who are looking to teach themselves the guitar or violin and structures the learning into short lessons to support regular practice on the instrument.

Is ScoreWind’s Classical Strings easy to use?

The activities and exercises in ScoreWind’s Classical Strings are easy to understand and use. The menu is very straightforward to use for a practice session and has a clear design with quick access to the current course, previously downloaded courses and new learning paths to discover.

How will students benefit?

The ScoreWind’s Classical Strings app is engaging and motivational. The lessons are succinct, maintaining the learner’s attention. The length of time required for each session is clearly displayed so that the learner can plan their practice sessions accordingly. The app’s provision of high quality, stimulating and interactive lessons that focus on specific aspects of playing allows for a student to learn the violin/guitar independently of a tutor.

However, the app could also support work completed with a live tutor by providing a recap of techniques learned for home practice as well as allowing the student to move forward without having to wait for the next lesson. The VideoScore function ensure that learners will practice reading notation while developing their physical playing and ability in the context of different pieces.

How will teachers benefit?

ScoreWind’s Classical Strings provides high quality instructional videos that can be used to succinctly introduce new concepts on the guitar/violin either in lessons or when the child plays at home. This means that homework can be easily set by teachers to move the child’s learning on without the need for the teacher to spend time recording videos.

Additionally, through the app’s interactive lessons students can revise techniques learned. ScoreWind’s Classical Strings can also help to break down key concepts that are being explained in live lessons and provide a staged learning journey with clear, effective explanations from experienced musicians.

How will parents benefit?

ScoreWind’s Classical Strings free trial is the perfect way for parents to try out the courses within the app and see how their child responds to the tutorials. The app will certainly help to support and monitoring home practice, ensuring that rehearsals recap prior learning and provide high quality instruction to move the child’s playing on when they practice at home.

The app also allows parents to hear how the exercises/pieces should sound so that they can offer praise and encouragement, helping accurately gauge the success of their child’s practice sessions.

We think ScoreWind’s Classical Strings could improve on:

A library sections within the app with the pieces organised by difficulty level would be beneficial for quick access to music for the learner to try out.

The app encourages self-assessment and reflection but a scoreboard showing time spent in the app or awards for the amount of lessons/courses completed would help the learner gauge their success and provide further motivation.

How much does ScoreWind’s Classical Strings cost?

ScoreWind’s Classical Strings is free to download. There is a free 1 month free trial when you download the app. Following this the app is £7.99 per month which grants unlimited access to all content.

Is ScoreWind’s Classical Strings safe to use?

Yes. No personal data is required. There are no chat features and the app's data protection compliance is explained on the website. 

Final Verdict of ScoreWind

I would recommend this app to anyone looking for tailored lessons to help them either begin to learn the violin or guitar or progress from their existing level. The app is particularly useful for those who have a little experience with the guitar or violin but are looking for motivation to move to the next stage in their learning. It is an engaging app that provides access to high quality instruction from professional musicians and structures learning to help support regular instrument practice.

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