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About ScoreCloud Express

ScoreCloud Express App is a simply designed app that allows users to sing or play in melodies and tunes directly into their phone, which then gets transcribed and scored into traditional notation. Suitable for 11+, it is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and desktop versions are available on PC and Mac. The app is free of chair but has subscription options in order to extend the amount of recordings. It develops skills in melody-building and composition, as well as score-reading, transcription and understanding notation.

Once recording the melody, ScoreCloud Express app saves it, analyses it, and present you with a screen of notation. At this point, you can then manipulate the data in order to fix incorrect notes recorded in, adjust pitches, timing, rhythm, upbeats, barlines, alter the clef and key signature.

ScoreCloud Express Review

What we love about ScoreCloud Express App. What skills does it improve?

What I love about ScoreCloud Express App, is the opportunity of building children’s skills in composition and score-reading. This is a challenging focus with a diverse array of skills, and this allows students who perhaps are good at composition but lack the notation and theory skills, to be able to notate their compositions.

What age is ScoreCloud Express App appropriate for?

This is ideal for students 11-18, who are building their skills in composition through their music education. This works especially well with those students who have taken a music qualification that requires students to be able to notate their compositions and read music, when they are an informal musician who has not learnt in a traditional way. I also love how there is an extended desktop version that is also easily accessible.

Is ScoreCloud Express App easy to use?

ScoreCloud Express App is easy to use, due to the simple layout of the app. With only a small amount of clickable icons, it doesn’t take too long to understand how to navigate the app, especially with some experimentation and practice. The icons are generically well recognized.

How will students benefit?

Students benefit through a developed understanding of theory and a more successful opportunity of composition which can often be hindered by the need to notate.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers benefit from this greatly, as it offers the support and differentiation required for some students in comparison to others, allowing teachers to be more effective in their delivery, and students to become more independent. It also supports students who are working on their compositional skills at home, when they cannot ask someone else to help them notate their ideas.

How will parents benefit?

As this app is available on the iPhone, this also allows students to access their work at home, and share it with their parents to demonstrate their learning and creativity skills.

They are also able to share it with their friends via Facebook or Twitter, or via email, which is very useful in order to submit work to teachers for feedback.

What can ScoreCloud Express improve on?

ScoreCloud Express could improve on their guidance when you first join the app, as there is no simple tutorial. This would save a lot of exploration at the beginning, by having a similar tutorial to click through and understand. It would also help the user to be able to utilise the app to it’s full potential. Also, there are a lot of children who use Android rather than Apple devices, therefore it would be preferable to be able to offer this to Android smart devices too.

How much does ScoreCloud Express App cost? What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The app is free, with an option to record up to 10 songs that are then analysed and scored on the app. After you have used your 10 songs, you would either have to remove tracks in order to continue with the free trial and analyse more recordings, or pay for a subscription. The subscription is £1.99 for a month of unlimited recordings.

Is ScoreCloud Express App safe to use?

The app is safe to use.

What is the overall rating?

I would rate the app as 4 stars out of 5, because it could add a tutorial, and requires an internet connection in order to analyse the melodies. 

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