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Science. Some folks like it. Some hate it. Here's something for both tastes, customized by you, in your pocket, on your lap, every day: science, technology, health and nature explored and explained in both an enjoyable and informative way. Ira Flatow, host and creator of Science Friday on NPR, has spent decades making sense out of science both on radio and TV, on the Internet and in print. He brings the best of all those worlds to you. Whether you like Carl Sagan or Oliver Sacks, Jane Goodall or Andrew Weil, we invite you to browse through the interviews, videos, podcasts, conversations and fun stuff from Science Friday and choose what turns you on. Have a listen and a look.

Why SciFri APP?
Sure you can listen to podcasts on lots of other apps. But we are more than just an audio jukebox. We have taken all of our best stuff - great radio show, unique videos, blogs(soon) social - and put them into one place. In your pocket or on your tablet. Sort of a full service app. This ain’t Pandora.

The Science Friday app has undergone a major revision.

Stream or Download audio and Video; you make the choice.
Listen to entire Science Friday program or choose individual segments.
Build a playlist from a large choice of segments. Listen when you want.
A far simpler and faster way to listen to the most recent broadcast.
Build custom Playlists from segments going back many weeks, without leaving the main Audio page.
Watch videos in stunning HD and Retina display quality on your smartphone or tablet.
Fast “scrubber” controls to easily advance sound and video.
Multi-speed playback for you speed-listening folks.
Instant access to Ira’s blog (soon!).
Quick Start! FAQ page to help get started and answer your questions.

New to the app? We suggest starting with a visit to the new Quick Start! FAQ
Find it in the Home Section. It’s the top button. Or, just go to the Audio listing page, or Video page and explore by tapping away! You can’t break anything...!

We have found that sometimes installing this new version of the App without first deleting the old version can result in crashes. Fortunately, simply deleting the old version of the app reliably solves this problem. You can delete the App by pressing and holding the Science Friday App’s icon on your device until all the Apps jiggle and display the Deletion icon (circle with X inside) then tapping this Delete icon for this App. You get back to normal mode by pressing the Home button on your device. You may then reinstall this app from here at the AppStore.
Also note we have included a Refresh button at the bottom of the Home Section. This will refresh with the latest content from the server, while you have a connection.

Have fun. Send us feedback. You can always find us at:
Facebook - /scifri
Twitter : @scifri

And if you like the app, please push the donate button at the bottom and send us some spare change. It’s tax deductible!

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