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About SchoolSpeak

SchoolSpeak is an app for elementary, middle and preschools bringing all solutions the school community needs under a single login.

SchoolSpeak Review

What do we like about SchoolSpeak?

A flexible and feature-rich application, it serves primarily as a communication tool that personalises online conversation by sending information via email and web portals. By doing away with paper communication, SchoolSpeak promotes an eco-friendly method that saves time and money.

What skills does it improve?

The most potent feature of SchoolSpeak is its communication management system. Using a customised home page, enables administrators, instructors, students, and parents to get all the information they require. They will be able to access information including announcements, homework, schedules, grades, and performance reports thanks to the information's clear organisation.

Is SchoolSpeak free?

SchoolSpeak is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is SchoolSpeak easy to use?

SchoolSpeak is easy-to-use and has a very easy user interface that helps easy navigation. 

How will teachers benefit?

SchoolSpeak also functions as a student information system, allowing teachers to keep track of attendance and notify parents via email when their child is tardy or missing. The performance and conduct of their students will also be monitored by teachers and administrators. Students can access their assignments, projects, and assessments online thanks to it. Also, SchoolSpeak offers fundraising and volunteer tracking tools for the community.

Performance analysis is another feature that SchoolSpeak includes in its student information system. It generates student progress reports for the entire school or a specific class. Even before the guidebooks are released, principals have access to the grades. Because the app uses simple-to-understand charts and graphs, analysing student grades is also made simple. As they can decide the cut of levels in running reports, school offices can quickly determine which children are eligible for the honour roll. Performance information and analysis will be available online for parents and students.

SchoolSpeak provides a highly customizable combined email and text messaging solution. As a result, users can decide who is authorised to send SMS or emails to the entire school or a specific class or team. They can turn on the feature that enables email communication between parents and pupils and teachers. The system can be set up so that parents can access the emails sent and received by teachers and other parents.

SchoolSpeak provides online in one location all that school administrators and parents need to know or use, from school announcements to fundraising solutions. To learn how the platform improves productivity and extends the instructional time, schedule a demo. Using the customizable grading and reporting tools, you may adapt standards-based grading to your school or diocese. Standards are connected through the lesson plan, assignments, tests, and reports.

Across all of your schools, standardise reporting, data gathering, and grading. Real-time and historical data are accessible through our robust data aggregation tools. Everything everyone needs to know or use is conveniently gathered in one location and is available from anywhere, including announcements, schedules, homework, grades, report cards, behaviour reports, lunch orders, volunteer sign-ups, fundraising opportunities, and payments.

What can SchoolSpeak improve on?

Searchability is limited in SchoolSpeak. Switching between "groups" is difficult and time-consuming.

How much does SchoolSpeak cost?

SchoolSpeak is available free of cost.

Final thoughts

SchoolSpeak is a great online tool to track and monitor school events, classroom events, progress reports, and classroom assignments. Users of SchoolSpeak can develop online forms. Online forms can be made for many different things, including online applications, providing medical and emergency contact information, collecting donations for fundraisers, and gathering demographic information from families. 

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You can download SchoolSpeak on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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