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About Schoology

Schoology is classroom management tool that enables teachers to share e-Learning courses, administrate classes, keep gradebooks up to date or just chat with fellow instructors or students. The basic package for Schoology is free, and includes instructional tools that allow you to create courses in a simple and intuitive way, a calendar, online gradebook & attendance. Schoology offers mobile apps that largely duplicate its web functionality.

Schoology app allows you to manage your classroom, create and submit assignments, participate in interactive discussions, perform assessments, collaborate with your peers, and much more!

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Schoology Review

Schoology is a web-based learning management system (LMS). Teachers can create tasks/assignments, assessments, and discussions for students (or even other teachers). Individual teachers can opt for the free version loaded with features related to time management, organization, and feedback, or schools/districts can pay for the enterprise version that includes additional audio, student progress, and support features as well as all the administrative features necessary to manage hundreds of users and many different classes. Schoology is also an online gradebook with the ability to create assessments and rubrics and keep track of student performance.

There is also a native essay grader that is easy to use and workspaces for group collaboration. One of the best things about Schoology, though, is that it takes the classroom to the smartphone. Schoology allows both teachers and students alike to access their classroom, allowing them to learn, teach, grade, and communicate in a modern way. 

On the plus side:

  • Great social tools: discussion boards, blog posts, announcements;
  • Advanced configuration for assessment and quizzes (such as time limitation, retakes, etc.);
  • Granular targeting for specific workgroups or classes;
  • Cloud-based functionality for sharing assignments (similar to DropBox);
  • Notifications by email and texting to keep the audience engaged;
  • Synchronized with Google Docs;
  • Online distribution and submission of assignments;
  • Web-based gradebook and attendance monitoring;
  • Top-notch paper grading and annotation feature. Schoology makes it easy to navigate between multiple versions, deliver feedback in various formats and, naturally, store grades safely in the framework;
  • Schoology addresses the global market and offers customizable solutions for US and non-US schools.


  • Many users report a rather steep learning curve compared with the competition;
  • Students have to enroll themselves in the system in order to start receiving assignments and checking up on their own performance;
  • Sadly, there is no messenger for students. More features that entice open discussion between peers would do a lot of good.

Schoology Alternatives

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