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About SchoolMessenger

SchoolMessenger is a mobile app designed to enable teachers to keep parents informed and up-to-date on important information and activities underway within the school community. The free SchoolMessenger mobile app can be downloaded for Apple iOS and Android devices in the  Apple App Store or Google Play store. 

SchoolMessenger Review

SchoolMessenger is a communication platform to send automated phone calls and emails to parents. Schools use this for emergencies, attendance, school updates, newsletters, and Board-wide events. Your account is a free and easy way to keep connected.

The SchoolMessenger app will provide families with 24/7/365 access to notifications such as those for school-related weather and schedule changes, school activities, and potential emergency situations. In addition, the app allows teachers to directly communicate with parents, individually or in groups, all from within the same app.

SchoolMessenger Features

Emergency: Emergency notifications requiring your urgent attention will be sent by both phone and email. Other important notifications may only be sent by email because of their complexity.

Attendance: Automated attendance messages are always sent by both phone and email whenever a student is unexpectedly absent.

General: General messages will include school and school board newsletters, important messages, and notices of cancellation to services and events.

These messages may also include information of a commercial nature such as yearbook sales, field trips, milk and pizza sales, student photos and fundraisers.

Teacher to Parent Messaging: Teachers may choose to send messages to the parents of students in their class.

School to Student Messaging: Messages sent by teachers or schools to their students

Important information that you normally receive by phone call, text message, and email will now be available in the SchoolMessenger mobile app.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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The new SchoolMessenger app gives busy parents, students, and staff a powerful way to stay engaged with their school or district, and connect to each other.

App Features:

- Easy-to-read inbox that captures all SchoolMessenger notifications, and now two-way teacher-parent-student messages (if enabled by school or district)
- Scrollable notification view to review all phone, email, and text content in a single place
- Detailed preference control allows adjusting notification settings
- Push notifications are available for alerts when school or district sends a message
- For notifications, school or district has SchoolMessenger notification service subscription with SchoolMessenger app enabled
- For notifications, valid email address on file with your school or district
- WiFi or data plan for internet access
- iOS 9+


SchoolMessenger app is not for sending broadcast messages. If you are a SchoolMessenger Communicate notification customer looking to send broadcast messages, please download the SchoolMessenger Admin sender app.

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