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Say Word

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 7+

About Say Word

An app that engages users and helps them to learn between commonly mistaken words as well as improving their comprehension.

Teacher Review

This app is aimed at helping young people improve their comprehension, use and abilities when it comes to commonly misspelt words, including words such as here and hear. It does so in a way though that also helps young people improve their reading abilities whilst also keeping them engaged with small rewards and personalisations in the game to keep them using the app.
On opening the app the user is welcomed to the home screen which contains a couple of different things for the user to access. The design is very well executed and pitched perfectly at the age range of the app. This is the same with the sound which added to the graphics add to the whole experience of the app rather than detract and distract. On the main page the user can immediately start to access the main content. To do so they work through a series of levels where they earn points for correct answers. On the homepage each level that has been undertaken has the current score achieved for that level next to it as well as a series of stars (1-3) showing how well the user has done within the game. This is really good for a user to gauge very quickly how well they are doing but also encourages them to go back to levels they haven’t done quite so well in and redo them. This encourages the user to further embed their abilities and knowledge whilst they improve their scores. From an educational perspective it also allows an educator to see at a glance if there are specific levels a user has struggled with and maybe where they need to target further support. 
On the homepage the user can also see their overall score as well as being able to access their ‘score card’. The score card allows the user to track how well they are doing and the progress they have made. Again, this is extremely useful for an educator to see and use to track progress to see if they need to highlight a specific area for improvement but also for the user themselves to keep a track on how well they are doing.
From the homepage you can also access a section of the app that is more fun based. As part of the content of the app the user can earn stickers from completing certain levels. These stickers can then be viewed and accessed from the homepage where the user could share them over other platforms if they wished. This addition of collecting the stickers is quite good in rewarding users for their progress and in keeping them engaged in the app and returning to it. 
The main content of the app though is where the user will spend most of their time. Each level has a selection of statements with words missing from them. Along the left hand side of the page there is also a list of words that fit into these spaces. It is up to the user to drag the correct word to the correct space and sentence. In doing so the user has to successfully read the sentence, comprehend what the missing word may be and then drag it to the right place. To further improve the user’s ability in differentiating between homonyms the words in the list are commonly misunderstood words due to their similar nature. The user therefore has to improve their understanding of the correct word and its spelling to earn the points. As the user progresses through the app there are games of increasing difficulty as well as levels that include the user having to distinguish and understand written numbers to the actual number itself. 
Overall I would say this is a successful app that has a good design that will keep the user engaged as well content that will help users to improve their comprehension abilities. There are some additions that the user can purchase within the app but these are cheap and do add value to the app, however they also aren’t essential. The app is definitely therefore good value for money. 
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Say Word is an educational app developed to strengthen a child's understanding of commonly confused words, such as "I hear you" and "I'm over here". When answered correctly, users earn points, win stickers and advance to the next game level. Each level is more challenging and promotes an interactive learning experience by allowing users to track their performance on the report card page. The app also reviews the basic rules of learning material on the learning point page. For a fun and exciting way to match words and numbers to sentences and numerals - DOWNLOAD THE SAY WORD APP TODAY!!!
Say Word is free to download and play. Some in game items are available for you to purchase with real money, however doing so is optional and not required for a GREAT GAMING & LEARNING EXPERIENCE.
- Improve Your Vocabulary
- Reading Comprehension Benefits
- Use of High Frequency Words & Sight Words
- Two, Three & Four Word Homonyms To Test Your Knowledge
- Number & Numeral Familiarization
- Earn Points & Win Stickers
- Collect Stickers
- Game Play Complexity Increases As You Advance Game Levels
"Say Word is a great educational challenge designed for kids and adults. My kids have not stopped using this app since we found out about it. If you own an iPad, iPod or iPhone you MUST download this app. You won't regret it." - AVieux
"Great app, seeing nice improvements in my sons reading skills. Kudos!" - Mr. Cohen the full-time dad.
What's New 3.0
March 28th, 2016
The new features are as follows:
1. Number game feature
2. Minor UI/UX changes
3. Report card feature
4. Learning point page
5. New stickers
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