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SAT Math : Geometry and Measurement Lite

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About SAT Math : Geometry and Measurement Lite

SAT Math Geometry includes questions that assess your understanding of the key concepts in the geometry of lines, angles, triangles, circles, and other geometric objects. After testing out some others we found this was the most useful for 11+ preparation. Although it is aimed at SAT’s test students, much of what it covers is relevant to the 11+.

Teacher Review

Geometry learning is best done with physical skills, measuring, rotating, counting, comparing. This app can’t do that but it is a great source of questions to encourage children to practice geometry and learn key terms.

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SAT Math Geometry offer a free trial to make sure that the app is right for the needs of your child. I found this most helpful as it gives an opportunity to measure the learning and to pay for the app if your child needs further practice. I could also tell whether the app would appeal to my students.

The app is clearly set out. It is divided into categories - angles in the plane, triangles, areas and perimeters, quadrilaterals, polygons and circles, coordinate geometry, transformations, solid geometry. Each section has an explanation and a series of questions to test your knowledge. There is a miscellaneous section which covers 2D perceptions and solving geometry problems. The mock test combines all the elements of geometry to give a really thorough practice of skills.

I have used this app both to assist children who have been struggling with geometry and as practice for those who have grasped the concepts. There are simple explanations which I have used to start to discuss geometry and to engage the students in deeper understanding. The content of this app is relevant up to GCSE level.

The mock test at the end of the app is good but very intense - 50 questions on geometry and measurement, all of them timed. Children can retake the test as many times as they wish to improve their grade.

I think the  SAT Math Geometry and Measurement is a really useful way of starting the discussions about geometry, practicing the skills and understanding how geometry and measurement questions are phrased. The free version gives a sense of what the app offers and at £2.29 currently, the full version seems good value to parents wishing to help their child with geometry.

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  • SAT Math : Geometry and Measurement LiteSAT Math : Geometry and Measurement LiteSAT Math : Geometry and Measurement LiteSAT Math : Geometry and Measurement LiteSAT Math : Geometry and Measurement Lite


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Over 330 questions and 33 revision notes in all just for Geometry & Measurement. High quality content written by experienced SAT tutors.

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1. Angles in the Plane
Angles Around a Point
Complementary and Supplementary Angles
Alternate Interior Angles
Consecutive Interior Angles
Corresponding Angles

2. Triangles
Triangles 1
Pythagoras' Theorem
Real Life Problems Using Pythagoras' Theorem
Triangles 2
Congruent Triangles
Similar Triangles

3. Areas & Perimeters
Area & Perimeter - Rectangles
Area & Perimeter - Triangles
Area & Perimeter - Parallelograms
Area & Perimeter - Compound Shapes

4. Quadrilaterals, Polygons & Circles
Regular Polygons
Parts of a Circle
Circumference of a Circle
Area of a Circle

5. Coordinate Geometry
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Line Lengths and Midpoints
Geometry in the Coordinate Plane
Find the Equation of a Line from its Graph

6. Transformations
Symmetry - Lines, Rotational

7. Solid Geometry
3D Geometric Perception
Cones, Cylinders, Spheres
Cuboids, Prisms, Pyramids

8. Miscellaneous
2D Geometric Perception
Solving Geometry Problems

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