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About Santa Words

The aim of this app is to help introduce children to new words and help them to further their abilities in spelling in a fun and familiar way. The app is very similar to a number of other word play games and focuses its theme on that of Christmas and Santa Claus. The idea is for users to make words out of a number letters provided and fill the gaps at the top of the screen with the words that can be made from the provided letters. The graphics and sounds of the app are really pleasing and will certainly encourage users to keep returning to the game to further their way through the app.

Santa Words Review

The developer of this app claims that this is the ‘World’s Best Word Puzzle Game’ which is certainly a big claim indeed to make especially considering how many word puzzle games there are on the app store and in the marketplace. However, having played on this for more time than I’m willing to admit I’d have to agree it’s not far off!

The developer’s website, which is quite sparse compared to our developer’s websites, does have a support section as well as ways to contact them via different social media outlets. It also highlights a couple of key points about the app as part of their sales pitch, claiming that it’s educational, fun and family-friendly. It may be part of their sales pitch however each point really does link well into what the app is about. It is certainly fun in the sense that it is solely game based and has a familiarity around it that many other word games have but it is also educational where maybe other similar apps can’t claim to be. There is a whole host of levels and content within the app which makes it seem like you really could play forever. It introduces new words into the users’ vocabulary and compounds words through trial and error processes. It is also certainly family friendly as it can really be used for any age range. However, I feel if it were to be used in terms of an app in an educational environment that I would aim it at younger children that have built up some confidence and competence in their reading as this would app would not only introduce them a vast array of new words but also keep their interest in words through a fun enjoyable way.

As mentioned the app has a large amount of content to it and this really helps to keep the users interest in the app. There are no time constraints on each of the levels to which means that the user can work through the app and each of the levels at their own pace. I would suggest that if this app were to be used regularly in an educational environment it would be good to have an option to add this in as it would enable to user to challenge themselves within different levels to improve their efficiency through the game. This is the same with incorrect answers. If a word is spelt wrong then the user is able to try again as many times as they wish. However, adding in a option to be maybe penalised for this would again add another level to the educational value of the app. This being said the app isn’t just aimed at the education market and so there is an appeal to not have these features in as it allows any user to access the game at their pace and to encourage them to keep trying no matter how many times they get it wrong.

Overall this is a good app that could be used in a number of different ways. Its main selling point is the gameplay and the large amount of content that is available within it.

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You can download Santa Words on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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