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About Samsung Kids Mode

Samsung Kids Mode is an app with a mode for your Samsung smartphone that's designed just for kids. Thanks to this mode, kids only have access to content suitable for their age.

Samsung Kids Mode Review

Samsung Kids has created a safe environment that has password protection for parents to keep kids in a safe zone online, including screen time limits, and activity reports that give parents even more insight if desired.

With Samsung Kids Mode, kids can access a totally intuitive and customized interface where they can start learning about various Android features. Thanks to this app, they'll have easy access to a selection of apps created to entertain them.

Samsung Kids Mode includes several highly visual games, apps for modifying your voice, and other apps with animated videos for kids. There's also an interesting option where you can limit screen time.

You can download a range of additional free and paid apps from Galaxy Apps for Kids accessible in Kids Mode. Take your pick from around 3,000 apps designed to help children to learn as well as play. Let your kids enjoy language-learning apps, age appropriate maths apps, and more, that also feature a range of popular cartoon characters.

How do I download Samsung Kids home?

Kids Home (otherwise known as Kids Mode on some devices) is not the same thing as the Samsung Kids+ subscription that we are talking about here.

Samsung Kids Home (or Mode) is a "safe mode" for your Samsung phone or tablet, to set up for children, with profiles for multiple kids that you use a PIN to access.

You can access the Kids Mode or Home by entering into your "notification panel" and selecting the Kids Home button to set it up.

How do I get rid of kids mode on my Samsung?

To take your Samsung off of kids mode, use the PIN to deactivate the feature. If you don't know the PIN, I found that if you open your device in "safe mode", you can then uninstall the application for kids mode and open normally.

To open in safe mode, you would turn off your device completely. Then, upon powering up, when the Samsung logo appears, press and hold the down volume button to start the device in safe mode. From here you can uninstall the kids mode.

Samsung Kids Reviews

The reviews we found for the Samsung Kids were overwhelmingly positive.

Samsung Kids Mode is a must-have app for your Samsung smartphone if kids use it. It's an excellent option for adapting your Android smartphone to kids, keeping them both entertained and safe.


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