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From the Developer

Sakura Time is a simple yet elegant app designed to help your child improve their time-telling and arithmetic skills. Built in consultation with academics, teachers, and education experts, Sakura Time promotes the development of a concrete understanding of time through a variety of activities and games.

✔ Use Analog Clocks to set and tell the time
✔ Use Digital Clocks to set and tell the time
✔ Read and set clocks in 12-hour and 24-hour time
✔ Use whole, half and quarter hours
✔ Compare and convert digital and analog time and 12-hour and 24-hour time
✔ Practice mental addition by finding the difference between two clocks
✔ Build an understanding of times of day
✔ Practice handwriting

Sakura Time will help your child to improve their time-telling skills. Practice modes allow your child to practice and develop time skills at their own pace, while Timed modes promote the development of time-telling fluency. With personalised graphs displaying their ongoing progress, kids can track their own learning as they master time-telling skills. Sakura Time is perfect for children aged 6 - 12, providing increasing challenges as children grow and progress.

Sakura Time is the perfect classroom accompaniment, allowing children to practice and develop time-telling skills at their own level and pace. Individualised user profiles allow devices to be shared among multiple students whilst allowing students to track their personal progress. Sakura Time grows with students, with increasing levels of difficulty as children master time-telling skills. Multiple game modes allow focus on different skills with varying complexity, from setting and comparing digital and analog time to using mental computations to find the difference between clocks.

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