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Sago Mini World: Kids Games

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 3+

About Sago Mini World: Kids Games

Sago Mini World is a subscription app with a library of 30+ games, with more being added each month. The cute, engaging, and sometimes silly games encourage open-ended play in an effort to simulate play in the real world. Games allow for creativity and exploration.

Teacher Review

Sago Mini World is a great app for free play time. It won’t teach any specific skills, but much like play itself, the freedom and unpredictability can give an opportunity for more authentic learning.

If you are looking for an app to help your child develop or practice a skill, Sago Mini World is not the app for you. This app is better used for free screen time. It works well on both a tablet and phone, making it a great app to play in the car or at a restaurant.  It is also a great app to play with your child, as parents can appreciate the whimsical humor woven into the games. All of the games can be downloaded, meaning you do not need WiFi access to play.

For teachers, this app can be used in a variety of creative ways.  It can be used during tablet time when students are given a time to play freely.  It’s a lot of fun, and kids probably won’t even realize they’re learning, which is when some of the best learning occurs.  It can also be used during ELA time. Students can play a game and then use their experience to craft a story. A lot can be done with sequencing, details, description, and more.

Some of the popular Sago Mini World Games:

Apartments - Choose a friend to visit and ride on an elevator to their apartment. In each apartment, kids get to play a fun mini game like growing a plant, exercising, or making a sandwich.

Puppy Preschool - In this delightful game, users get to run their own puppy preschool. Choose an adorable puppy and care for it by bathing, feeding, and playing with it. Kids get exposure to shapes and counting in this game as well.

Road Trip - Pack a suitcase, pick a cool (or silly) car, and drive along to visit a friend. Kids will encounter fun interactive elements along the way and will have to stop to get gas and wash the car. 


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App Details

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)



Engagement and Usability
Creative Development


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - Yes - 1st Party


Sago Mini

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  • Sago Mini World: Kids GamesSago Mini World: Kids GamesSago Mini World: Kids GamesSago Mini World: Kids GamesSago Mini World: Kids GamesSago Mini World: Kids GamesSago Mini World: Kids Games


Join Sago Mini World and get unlimited access to our complete collection of 30+ award-winning games, all in one kid-friendly app!

Travel with Harvey, Jinja, Robin and Jack as you explore space, fly through a forest, build a robot, design a monster, drive a firetruck, deep-sea dive, become a superhero, visit your friends and more – all in one whimsical world.

• Zoo
• Farm
• Airport (App of the Day, 2019)
• Village (App of the Day, 2019)
• Road Trip (Parent’s Choice – Gold 2016)
• Babies (Webby’s – Honoree)
• Monsters (Cinekid App of the Year – Runner Up)
• Magic Camera – bring the Sago Mini characters to life!
& many, many more!
Plus, members get access to our new games, releases and updates first.

Share one Sago Mini World subscription with the whole family – regardless of platform or device


• Unlimited access to our complete collection of games, all in one kid-friendly app
• COPPA and kidSAFE certified
• Play predownloaded games without WiFi or internet
• Exclusive content, updated monthly
• Use one subscription across multiple devices
• Get regular updates from your favourite characters
• Members get early first access to all new games and releases
• Perfect for kids aged 2-5
• No third-party advertising or in-app purchases for members
• Makes a perfect gift for curious kids

Subscription Details

New users will have access to a free trial at the time of sign-up! After your free trial, you can choose to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. And if you change your mind at any point, cancellation is easy through your iTunes settings.

• When you confirm your purchase, payment will be charged through your iTunes account.
• Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
• Don’t want to auto-renew? Manage your account and renewal settings in your user Account Settings.
• You can use your subscription on any device registered with your Apple ID. Like all Apple subscriptions, Sago Mini World can’t use family sharing to share subscriptions across different Apple IDs.
• Cancel your subscription anytime through your Account Settings, without cancellation fee.

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