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Sago Mini Farm

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Teacher Overview

Sago Mini Farm is a digital space for open-ended screen-based play where kids find themselves in the middle of a farm. There are no particular activities to complete or games to play. Kids are free to explore, move animals and objects, and experiment with tapping around the screen to see what happens.

Kids can learn to recognize many of the common things found on a farm including animals, a barn, and a vegetable garden. The see saw and swing lightly introduce the physics concepts of mass and motion. Most of all, kids get a platform where stretch their imaginations and express themselves through creative pretend play.

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Developer Description

It's harvest season on the farm – and there's so much to cock-a-doodle do! Don't worry – there are dozens of brand-new characters who are happy to help. Load up the tractor with hay and feed the horses with Robin. Or grow healthy veggies with the help of a friendly raincloud, then juice or grill them for a funny surprise! Take a dip in the mud puddle if you get too hot, or a lazy afternoon swing on the tire.


Stack, drag and interact with everything on the farm – will a goose ride a goat? Or a chicken wear a hat? What happens when you put cheese on the barbecue? Can you balance the see-saw? Create hilarious scenes and combinations that will induce serious giggles – for kids and parents!


Dozens of interactive areas to explore, including a garden, barn, mud puddle, lake, farm market, see-saw, outhouse and many more!


Practice counting at the market, learn about physics on the tire swing and see-saw and practice potty training in the outhouse.


There's a whole cast of new characters to play with – chickens, cows, goats, horses, and a silly scarecrow. And can you find Steven, the elusive alpaca?

• Encourages creative expression and open-ended discovery
• Full of fun animations and silly surprises,
• Play without WiFi or internet – great for travel


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