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About S'moresUp

The application ‘S’moresUp – Best chores App’ is a modern-tool for modern-day parenting. The application offers a number of key features that enable parents, single-parents and guardians to manage everyday activities such as chores, family calendars, rewards, a playdate planner, goals and so much more. The application is free but requires a user account for full accessibility. The application is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases.

S'moresUp Review

The application supports both mobile and tablet devices but works the best in mobile portrait mode. The user is asked to sign up for an account which is essential to access the wonderful features this app has to offer. Once the account has been set up the main user can invite partners and add their children. A partner is required to enter their email whereas the child requires just a name, age and gender. The app is very easy to set-up and very user-friendly and we like the fact that profile pictures can be added to the accounts to make them personalised. 

The ‘Home’ screen offers a number of features throughout the display. The ‘Community’ message wall enables you to post messages for the S’moresUp community whilst the ‘Family wall’ enables the user to post messages for just family members. The interface is clear and users will find the technology very familiar. This platform is ideal for sharing thoughts and ideas on parenting in a safe and secure interface.

The ‘chores’ menu displayed at the bottom enables the parent to create a Chore from a selection of age-related options or create their own personalised chore. We love the Chore option for the age groups and our users were quite surprised at the types of chores they could be undertaking at their age! The ‘Above and Beyond’ category of ‘Chores’ is a fantastic idea to enforce family values and motivation. These include; ‘surprise someone’, ‘show positive attitude’, ‘wait for your turn to speak’ and many more. It is noted that this application is written in ‘American English’ and some terms may be unfamiliar to UK users.

Once a ‘Chore’ has been selected there are further options to customise the chore such as assigning the chore, setting the point value, setting a repetitive schedule, time and date.

The assigned chores can be seen in the main ‘Chores’ menu. The children can also receive personal chore reminders, chore completion notifications, a chore status view, chore lock-out when time has elapsed and much more.

The ‘Calendar’ option displays the events for the family in a calendar format. Events can be added using the ‘+’ icon and the calendar can even be synced with Google. Children can also see a simple weekly version of the family calendar.

The ’Family’ option displays a number of useful features. These include a ‘Chore progress’ option that tracks the current chores set, a ‘Rewards’ option which allows the user to set ‘Rewards’ displayed on the ‘Reward shelf’. The developers have thought very carefully about this section and we really love the option of adding a monetary value to the ‘S’mores’ points earned or even adding a website URL to a reward that could display a toy or a trip out, the possibilities are endless! 

The application is supported and tailored by a ‘notifications’ menu as well as ‘user profile’ menu that includes an online support chat, the ability to switch profiles to see what the other users are seeing, a FAQ menu and much more. 

We are amazed that this application is free. The options, customisation and versatility of the application are truly excellent. Although the application takes a while to set up once up and running the interface performs seamlessly. Our users embraced the ‘Chores’ and ‘Rewards’ functions which has led to easier parenting introducing consistency and motivation. application ‘S’moresUp' – Best chores App’ comes highly recommended by the EducationAppStore.com

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