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About runtastic

The Runtastic is great app for beginner runners, as it is simple and dedicated to running, walking, and biking so you won’t get overwhelmed with lots of other exercise options.

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With Runtastic Pro app, you have everything you need in your hands to measure how much you have improved and are closer to attaining your fitness goals. This app also provide voice feedback during workout & live tracking, cheering. It`s possible to share location and receive messages from friends for motivation to run further. This app has feature called Runtastic Earth View that enables you to view workouts in 3D (Google Earth is required for using this feature). You can also schedule interval training and coaching that will surely improve performance by gradually increasing training modules. You can track your training performance in the form of graphs, metrics and training diary throughout the period. Runtastic Pro app also works fantastically well for running, jogging, biking, skating, cross-country skiing and hand biking.

You’ll be able to track distance, speed, elevation, time, and calories burned with Runtastic – all the primary features you would want in a running app. The free version offers all of these features, so try it out before you decide if you want to splurge on the premium membership. It’s a good option if you’re not ready to buy a GPS watch.

If you do decide to upgrade to premium, you’ll add the ability to keep track of your records, and use their training plans or interval programs to change up your running routine. Plus, you could let your mind wander while running, using their Story Runs feature.

With Runtastic Pro iPhone app, you can easily save workouts to You can get further details on exercise data analysis, coaching & comparisons with friends. These benefits keep you motivated while striving to reach fat burning, cardio training or overall health and wellness goals.

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Runtastic uses GPS to map your fitness activities - running, biking, walking - and track your progress (distance, speed, calories, and more). Be part of a global fitness community that is both fun and motivational.

* Map your workouts in real-time with built-in GPS and monitor your progress (time, distance, speed, pace, calories, altitude, etc.)
* runtastic Earth View: Watch your workouts in 3D, including mountains, monuments and buildings (free Google Earth App required) - limited in the LITE Version
* Personal workout diary and metrics
* Mapping: Detailed live mapping and historic mapping of previous sessions (Google maps)
* Dashboard configuration: Display preferred statistics
* Graphs: Get charts with altitude, pace, speed and heart rate information
* Performance analysis with lap times
* Enjoy your workouts with the integrated music player
* Set goals for time and distance
* Accurate calculation of elevation gain and loss
* Colored traces: Different colors on the map indicate changes in speed
* Integrate your runtastic activities to your MyFitnessPal account
* Monthly and overall metrics for distance, number of workouts, duration and calories
* Share your activities on Google+, Facebook and Twitter
* Manual entry of workouts: Add treadmill, spinning and weight lifting workouts
* LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch

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