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Ages: 18+ 11-14
Price: iPhone/iPad - £0.99

This is an app that’s aim is to challenge users to gain a greater understanding of the English language through learning about where the roots of words come from and their meanings. As the name suggests ‘Latin and Greek Root Quiz’ the app focusses on the meanings of root words from their Latin and Greek derivatives which includes their definitions. I would suggest that due to the content this app would mainly be used by older teenagers with an interest in the English Language as well as adults rather than younger children


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Teacher Review

This is an interesting app that’s sole purpose seems to be that of helping users learn a little bit more about the English language and how it is linked closely to both Greek and Latin words. Due to this I’m not entirely sure what the market for the app would be. It does not have enough content in it to be able to be used within a school or educational setting as its focus is simply just that of Greek and Latin root meanings. It is a quizzed based app so there is an element of gamification which could encourage older users to test their own knowledge and discover deeper meanings to some of the most common words in the English Language and in this way the app does this well, especially as there are over 400 root words to work through. However, this is all it does.
Once you open the app you are taken straight into the quiz, there are no other options and no instructions (although this isn’t necessarily required as it is simple to use especially bearing mind that the users of the app are likely to be older. The quiz is set out in the same way for each question. At the top an example of a word is given in a sentence and then a question is asked about a portion of that word (as well as highlighting that it is either derived from Greek or Latin). The question each time is what is the Greek/Latin meaning of that portion of the word? Four options are given beneath and a 45 second timer ticks down. If the user correctly gets the right option, it turns green however if they are incorrect it turns red. At the top there is also a score which goes up with every correct answer, I am guessing the quicker the answer is given the more points are gained (it is not clear how the scoring works, hence the guess). After this point a new question appears.
The layout of the app is quite nice, simple with good colours looking very much like a quiz show, however not all the wording fits into the boxes especially if either the question is quite long of one of the answer options has more than 5/6 words. This makes the app appear not as well developed as it could be especially as it detracts from the content and game play of the app, in some places it even makes reading the answers difficult as the text overlaps that of other option answers. The sound effects however are quite good, again simple yet effective.
As mentioned above with the scoring, there is no explanation about how the score is attained or even a reason for it. Question after question is given endlessly without there seeming to be an end so there is no chance to ‘complete’ the game or to challenge others, or yourself with high scores. This makes the app a little frustrating but also very difficult to see who might want to use it and whether it is an app that someone will use once and then return to.
The developer’s site is also quite sparse of content with just a brief explanation given about the app and some screenshots. There is no further information about the developer and the reason why the app has been created or even some ways in which the it might be accessed and used.
All in all, this is a slightly disappointing and confusing app. If a user wanted to just simply test themselves on root meanings of English Language words then this is probably the app for them however this would be an extremely niche market.

From the Developer

An App designed to give kids (and adults) a game platform to test their knowledge of Greek and Latin roots. There are over 400 roots in the app. The quiz prompt is formulated into a sentence. Each root gives an example of an English word, cites whether the word is Latin or Greek and provides the the root. Each question allows 45 seconds to answer the question. The Quiz then asks the meaning of the root word based on the information given.

***Temporarily took out timer bar to perfect.

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