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About Rocketbook App

A Rocketbook is a reusable analog notebook where teachers and students can scan and send pages as PDF files to one or more destinations within the Rocketbook app. 

Rocketbook App Review

What we like about Rocketbook App?

The service offers free downloaded pages that students can access and scan to their devices. They now have the option to write down preliminary art sketches, illustrate science lab observations, and answer arithmetic problems before saving or submitting them all digitally.

What skills does it improve?

Students who lack the resources to buy their own notebooks are helped by the availability of free pages and layouts. There are a tonne of in-depth use cases in the educational community.

Is Rocketbook App free?

Rocketbook is available free to download on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is Rocketbook App easy to use?

An erasable notebook's novelty and eco-friendliness will appeal to students, and teachers will enjoy finding ways to make it more useful in the classroom.

How will students benefit?

Be careful that some students could be reluctant to delete their notes, particularly if they aren't keeping track of where each one has been delivered. For students who prefer writing by hand over typing or for professors who wish to rapidly communicate handwritten notes or drawings with pupils, Rocketbook is a terrific option. The break from screen time can also be a welcome advantage for both teachers and students.

Notes may be delivered to destinations instantly, saving students from having to do extra steps. Scanning notes is as simple as taking a photo, but better. Kids who struggle with multistep instructions can benefit from this; nevertheless, students who lack organisational abilities will need assistance utilising the app. Due to the fact that notes cannot be organised into folders, it is a good idea to have youngsters designate their destinations to various subject area folders in their preferred cloud storage. They will be more likely to locate their notes in this manner.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can assist students in planning their destinations and using effective organisational techniques. Send your meeting or class notes to absent students, coworkers, or a class folder instantaneously by scanning your notes. Create a Venn diagram, lab sheet, or other graphic organiser template, share it with your students, and have them download the PDF on their devices to fill out. Encourage students to submit multiple sketches of a fictional character from a book or a well-known person from history in order to generate animated GIFs.

When copy-and-paste is routine, teachers who are worried about plagiarism may find that requiring students to write down their research notes or rough draughts of essays helps them synthesise ideas and gain a deeper understanding of difficult concepts, especially when taking into account research showing that writing things down by hand enhances cognitive processing.

What can Rocketbook App improve on?

There is no method to organise notes within the Rocketbook app, and ink is easily lost or smudged if moisture comes in contact with it.

How much does Rocketbook App cost?

Rocketbook is available free of cost. 

Final thoughts

Rocketbook may at first seem like any other notebook, but with a little imagination and assistance from the Rocketbook for Educators page, you'll find plenty of ideas for classroom use. Any notebook is only as good as what you write in it, but this tool is especially useful because it's so simple for kids to pass notes back and forth. 

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