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About Rocket Languages.

Rocket Languages is a good language-learning app if you want to learn a few trip phrases and plan to revisit the software in a few months or years. It is very excellent at assisting you in laying a basis for learning a language. 

Rocket Languages. Review

What do we like about Rocket Languages?

This programme is for beginners who desire to learn a language. The program's core elements are audio and culture courses, pronunciation practice, and flashcards. A progress tracker, a community forum where learners may communicate with other learners in their target language, and a mobile app for on-the-go learning are all included.

What skills does it improve?

Rocket Languages is accessible in a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, Hindi, and American Sign Language.

What age is it appropriate for?

Appropriate for all ages that wish to learn new languages. 

Is Rocket Languages free?

Although the Rocket Languages free trial looks to be limitless, it actually allows learners to view a limited number of lessons from each level.

Are Rocket Languages easy to use?

More options to practise what you learnt in the audio lessons are available in Rocket Languages. Flashcards, listening and speaking practise, writing activities, and a quiz to evaluate your understanding are all included.

How will students benefit?

The audio courses that make up the program's backbone start with extremely simple discussions. It's a gradual technique that makes dipping your toes into the language learning pool pretty easy.

The class starts with a podcast that the students listen to. Each podcast lasts 10 to 20 minutes and features numerous native speakers as well as an English-speaking host. Subtitles in English and the target language appear beneath the player box while the podcast plays, allowing students to read along while listening.

How will teachers benefit?

The audio lessons typically feature two people conversing. You can utilise Play it to play the part of one of the people after you've listened to the entire chat. This is a good approach to getting started with the language, but it has certain drawbacks. It's not quite like chatting to a random stranger because you're following a script. Even yet, once you begin to practise speaking another language, it's beneficial to emulate real-life conversations. You'll feel more at ease writing your own sentences as a result of this.

How will parents benefit?

Rocket Languages is a language app that teaches you how to converse effortlessly in a variety of languages. It differs from other apps in that it includes language and culture training, as well as a survival kit for quickly learning the basics. It also has a lot of good resources to supplement what you learn in the main modules. It's one of the best language programmes out now, especially for popular languages like Spanish and French.

What can Rocket Languages improve on?

There is a lot of English in the lessons. There are no entire courses for lesser-known languages.

How much does Rocket Languages cost?

The subscription fee for Rocket Languages starts from $99. 

Final thoughts

Rocket Languages teaches you the language spoken by native people, including slang! These audio courses will undoubtedly assist any learner in becoming conversational in their chosen language. The utilisation of natural speakers who demonstrate accurate pronunciation is an evident quality of these lectures. Learners hear their target language pronounced correctly and clearly during the podcast and following dialogue and vocabulary breakdowns, and voice recognition software allows learners to record their own speech and see how their pronunciation compares.

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