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Developer Description

Robots for iPad is the best, most complete guide to the world of robotics. This fun, highly interactive app lets you explore over 100 real-world robots, with hundreds of animations, photos, videos, and articles.

Check out 126 robots from 19 countries, with 360° views, interactive animations, technical specs, and hundreds of photos, videos, and articles.

Among the amazing robots included in the app are Honda’s famed humanoid Asimo, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, and Google’s self-driving car. There are also androids, flying machines, exoskeletons, quadrupeds, and toy robots.

The app offers countless hours of exploration and entertainment. Robot enthusiasts can review in-depth, technical data about each robot, while beginners can learn how robots work and how to get started in robotics.


  • Meet 126 robots from 19 countries
  • Swipe to see robots in 360° views
  • Tap to interact with robots
  • Watch hundreds of videos of robots in action
  • View over 500 spectacular photos

And more:

  • Learn how to get started in robotics
  • Listen to audio interviews with leading roboticists
  • Read detailed specs and articles about each robot
  • Keep up to date with daily robot news
  • Optimized for Retina display
  • Works on any iPad model, including the iPad mini

With a vast amount of original and informative content, the app offers an in-depth, hands-on experience for anyone interested in learning more about robotics, including robot enthusiasts, technology lovers, researchers, teachers, parents, and students.

From IEEE Spectrum, the award-winning technology magazine.

IEEE Spectrum is a magazine and website on science, engineering, and technology. It's the flagship publication of the IEEE, the world's largest technology society. Its readership includes engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and others interested in technology.

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