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About Ripple Effects for Staff - School Edition

Ripple Effects for Staff is a computerised staff training and development app.  All teaching staff can use it to develop their professional knowledge over time and use it to address new educational challenges as they arise.

Ripple Effects for Staff - School Edition Review

As well as being taught how to deliver their subject knowledge, a big part of teacher training is about reflecting on their experiences and building on them.  The hope is to give teachers the tools to continue along the path of professional improvement over the course of their career.  By improving they become more effective practitioners, to the obvious benefit of their students, but also to the benefit of their own confidence and peace of mind.
Just as a teacher’s skills don’t stop developing when their training is over, neither should their reflective practices.  When faced with the many situations that working in a place of education can bring, teachers should be prepared to learn new things, think how to apply them and reflect on how they deal with a similar situation even better in future.
This app is all about assisting and recording this professional development. Commensurate with its large memory footprint, this app covers a huge amount of topics that deal with a wide variety of areas that teachers may find that they need help to develop in.  From dealing with special needs to dealing with their own emotions, it is difficult to think of a missing topic.  The number needs to be big because no school is alike and with each student comes a new personality, and potentially learning needs, that a teacher has yet to encounter.  Should you manage to find one that is missing you can contact the developers to request it.
No app could hope to go in to a huge amount of depth about each subject, but Ripple Effects provides an excellent starting point and goes deep enough to give a good grounding in the topic.  With case studies delivered in video form, spoken and written descriptions, teachers who turn to this app for guidance will certainly come away with new ideas and information.  If more is needed, the app helpfully refers to suggested further reading for each topic.  
It could be used as a reference guide but it can also be much more.  For each section users can access a brain that they can fill with ideas.  This acts as a pre-structured journal where teachers can record their initial thoughts, concerns, and intentions for their professional development.  Alongside this, the app monitors and records a more objective assessment of progress.  It records what has been viewed and also the results of short quizzes on each topic.
The app’s content makes its American origins clear.  Certain phrases, school facilities and terms may not be the ones that you are used to, but they do not make the information any less valid or understandable.
Taken together the different sections provide teachers with a personal log of their development that they can watch build up over time.  Recognising the sensitivity of what may be recorded in the app, all of its user-written content is saved in encrypted form and is only accessible by the appropriate user account, even though the app may be used by multiple users.  The app also shows awareness of the environment in which it might be used, and a hide button is always visible to make sure that teachers can quickly cover the app from others nearby.
This app is a tremendous accomplishment in bringing together material to help teachers become better at what they do and to cope with the stresses of their work.  For providing a structured program that NQTs and other teachers can follow, and also providing an easy way to become informed about a subject relevant to them, it is difficult to imagine a better computer based training solution for teachers.  Schools who are looking to provide useful and cost effective staff development training should certainly consider this app.

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