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Ripple effect for Kids is an American based app that teaches students the equivalent programme of PSHE (Personal and social education) found in UK schools. The app is a secure personal project based application that covers 175 Child related topics from health to academic success to personal goal setting. The Ripple Effect for kids is tailored for male or female users and suitable for ages 10 years and up. As the website suggests “Ripple Effects for Kids can be used with groups for character education, personal safety training, and overall academic success. It can be used for individualized intervention/guidance on behaviour problems (bullying, talking back, lying, fighting), health (obesity, tobacco) and mental health issues (sad, shy, lonely, divorce etc.)”

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Upon opening the app we are greeted with a set of fun and comforting graphics. The app is American and the developers may consider changing the narration to a UK based voice for UK schools. Please note that the app is very large in size and may not load on tablets that already contain many applications.
The app asked the user to sign in and create a password. This is great as there are some personal questions in the programme that may need protection. Many schools do not work on a one to one tablet programme and the developers should consider making the app suitable for phone devices so the student can get track the app on the go or at home.
Once you have signed in you will need to do this every time you use the app. The app has the main icon guide at the top of the application which also includes a ‘Help’ option to show how to best use the programme. The icons are as follows:
‘Topics’ – This is a neatly presented list of hundreds of topics that will relate to younger students. The content here is truly vast and the developers can be congratulated on the amount of content within the app, hence the large size. The list of topics is very comprehensive and covers Knowing yourself, Behaviour problems, Reasons inside you, Reasons outside you, Learning issues, Empathy, feelings and many more. A full list can be found here via the website:
‘Keys’ – This shows the user the 5 special keys that can enable students to achieve anything.
‘Scorecard’ – This keeps track of your personal goals and scores achieved after answering questions based on your chosen topics in the ‘topics’ section. Personal exploration data is hidden for security reasons.
‘Hide’  - This enables the user to hide the content at a glance.
‘Home’ – This returns the student to a ‘Home’ Page.
‘Retrace’ – This enables the user to go back over the last page or pages.
‘Help’ – A dedicated button to show how to use the app and programme.
Although this app has many features the app’s main focus is on the ‘Topics’, ‘Scorecard’ and ‘Keys’ sections.
‘The topics’ – This section has a vast amount of content. Once you have chosen a topic you are given a number of options. The app displays some nice graphics and narration along with some further questioning. This section provides the following icons:
‘Picture it’ – Gives you a picture related to the topic.
‘Information’ – This gives friendly graphical information about the topic. It also includes key words, narration and links.
‘How to’ – This section gives you strategies about how to cope with the chosen topic.
‘True Story’ – These videos are stories related to the topic. The stories are examples and not necessarily based on any one individual. The videos are not the greatest of quality and look slightly dated at times.
‘Model’ – This gives the student video models on how to help with or explain the chosen topic.
‘In your mind’ – This enables the student to explore experience, feelings, options, who can help and setting goals.
‘Out in the world’ – This is a great section on how to apply what you have learned to certain situations such as family, friends, media and sports. Each of these sections also provides tasks that could be part of classroom activities.
‘Got it’,’Got it 2’ – These small animations give the student the opportunity to answer questions based on the topic they have chosen.
The scores achieved are stored as a profile in the scorecard sections. The questions give automatic feedback and the animations are fun and motivating.
The ‘Keys’ section explores the 5 stages a student could go through to achieve their goals. These include; Knowing yourself, controlling yourself, getting a feel for others, relating to others and decision making. Each section provides further links and information.
Overall this app is just full of fabulous content, videos and personal stories. The developers can be congratulated on the diversity of the topics. We really like the layout and the extra tools that can be used by students to have a better understanding of some very complex and personal issues. Although the app is very large in size it is well worth downloading and could be used throughout a whole PSHE programme within schools. We would however like to hear a UK voice for the narration.
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Ripple Effects

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  • Ripple Effects for Kids - School EditionRipple Effects for Kids - School EditionRipple Effects for Kids - School EditionRipple Effects for Kids - School EditionRipple Effects for Kids - School Edition

Publisher's Description

Do you have Ripple Effects for Kids in your school? This iPad version is an extension of the award-winning program that your school has licensed. There is no additional fee to extend your school license to this new platform.

Ripple Effects for Kids is a research-based tool to help children solve personal problems, including discipline problems, often related to trauma and other non-academic issues that get in the way of school success. 175 engaging, interactive, reading-independent tutorials build key social-emotional abilities that are more connected to school success than IQ: self-understanding, empathy, impulse control, management of feelings, assertiveness, decision-making and connection to community. The result is kids who know themselves, stand up for their beliefs, solve problems, feel for and connect with diverse others — and do well in school.

It makes teachers’ lives easier:
Students can receive direct behavioral supports and build social-emotional competencies without taking instructional time away from the rest of the class with this reading-independent tool. Ripple Effects for Kids can be used with groups for character education, personal safety training, and overall academic success. It can be used for individualized intervention/guidance on behavior problems (bullying, talking back, lying, fighting), health (obesity, tobacco) and mental health issues (sad, shy, lonely, divorce etc.).

A supplementary set of web-based tools makes it easy to track individual and group student progress.

It works:
Ripple Effects for Kids provides an affordable, accessible way for elementary students to access personal guidance and skill building in areas of concern that they may be reluctant to seek help for in person. Research shows a large majority of elementary students who were prescribed Ripple Effects for skill building in discipline settings also used the program to voluntarily access personal guidance in areas from bed-wetting, to beaten, to alcoholic parent. Teachers report that when their students use Ripple Effects, behavior problems go down and grades go up. It's that simple.

To get a free preview of the Ripple Effects programs, you will require an activation code. To get this, simply send a request to and you will receive the code via email. The code is entered the first time you start up the app and gives you access to a free 30-day preview of the program.

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