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Developer Description

RevisionNerd Biology is your own pocket revision guide for GCSE Additional Biology, following the AQA syllabus and influenced by GCSE students. Even if you're not on AQA, RevisionNerd is still invaluable in explaining the key principles of GCSE science. With 36 pages of easy-to-understand information but with a handy glossary button to make navigation easy, RevisionNerd offers an alternative to your school text-books. It is easy to revise from, only giving you the most relevant information and explaining the harder ideas more thoroughly. The guide also provides helpful tips, definitions and guidance on common pitfalls. It even has a section on past exam questions. This gives examples of the questions students tend to struggle with, and answers that can be learnt, meaning you don’t have to fall into the same traps in the exam.

Whether it’s for the portable revision that’s going to get you that top grade, or for those extra explanations while you take the course, RevisionNerd will take you all the way!

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