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Learn the standards, regulations, and optimal practices for recognizing any business’s revenues today! Revenue Recognition: Rules and Standards right now to begin mastering these important rules and standards today to ensure your business operates optimally right away!

This course offers engaged aspiring business professionals the accounting, reporting, and disclosures associated with revenue recognition for the sale of products or rendering of services. Revenue involves a gross increase in assets or decrease in liabilities. Among other things, this course discusses in specific terms the differences between recognizing at the time of sale or service, during production, at the completion of production, and at the time of cash receipt. Students will also be shown in detail how such specific things as long-term construction contracts may be accounted for under the percentage-of-completion method or the completed contract method – as well as giving students a concrete outline to understanding the factors involved in these two methods. Specific instances when revenue should or shouldn’t be recognized, as well as concepts such as accounting treatment of warranty and maintenance contracts, contributions, and computer software are also discussed throughout this course.

Revenue Recognition: Rules and Standards is a complete learning solution, utilizing a full professional-level textbook as well as multiple interactive mLearning features. These study aides include interactive flashcards as well as knowledge exams that test users’ newly acquired management knowledge, explaining both right and wrong answers after each test is administered. All included materials are designed to focus users’ learning efforts as effectively and constructively as possible, while affording students the flexibility of learning on their own unique schedules. With this breadth of features, coupled with an abundance of professional level educational content, Financial Essentials for Not-for-profit Managers Revenue Recognition: Rules and Standards offers a user-oriented overview of revenue recognition practices in today business environment that anyone can utilize today to ensure their business runs optimally and in full compliance with these important regulations.

Course Features:

•Complete course texts
•Interactive flashcards for subject review
•Comprehensive chapter-level tests
•Explanations of right and wrong answers
•Application does not require internet connection to operate

Learning To-Go: is developed by the market leader ComboApp based on the work of Professor and best-selling author Dr. Jae K. Shim.

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