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Teacher Overview

Resilient Family: Happy Child provides simple mindfulness based, movement and awareness training for individuals, parents and older and younger children. It uses movement to discharge stress and build body awareness.   The aim is to support development of resilience and self-regulation through training in mindful movements.  

Teacher Review

Resilient Family: Happy Child is mindfulness based, movement and awareness app that is available for the whole family. The app aims to reduce stress and build body awareness for young and old alike. In recent years teachers and educators have recognised the benefits of integrating mindfulness practice in the classroom to improve the physical, emotional and academic well-being of their students. Working in a school specifically for children on the autism spectrum, these practices take on an extra special meaning, one of our core beliefs is that we all need to regulate to educate (and that’s just the teaching staff). Many of our students arrive at school following long journeys in a dysregulated state where each day begins with either breakfast club or ‘wake n shake’, depending on the individual child. Teachers often choose mindfulness/movement videos from you tube to begin the day. This week we had the opportunity to trial Resilient Family; Happy child in our classrooms. We connected the ipads to our Interactive White Boards and followed the instructional videos provided. We covered the various videos across a week with both adults and children taking part.

The app allows you to set up quickly with no sign-up or password required. Resilient Family is designed for families as explained by the developer in the introductory video. The neuroscience behind the application is also touched on during the video explaining the benefits and building blocks to self-regulation, resilience and well-being.

The app contains nearly 50 videos which can be downloaded to your device when using offline. Following on from the introductory video, you are presented with videos relating to basic movements, breathing, walking, standing, shakeout and dropping the weight. Each video is presented well with a calming soundtrack and stimulating visuals. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. ‘Hi-stim’ & and Low-Stim videos are also available for children with over or under stimulating videos options depending on individual needs. The young man demonstrating does an excellent job in presenting and again the natural visuals and soundtrack are appropriately chosen. One option that the developers may consider is using a child’s voice in these videos, this may engage children more in the process, however this does not detract from the overall experience. As the app is aimed at families, it would be nice to see a family video, which may encourage families taking part together. 

Whilst trialling the videos in our school, we found that teachers found the videos useful in terms of structuring their morning sessions, with many using techniques to support with regulation during the day. Children enjoyed following the movements on the whiteboard during group sessions and were curious to explore the various videos. Our dance and movement psychotherapist used the app during 1-1 sessions and reported positive results across the week. One suggestion for the developers is to possibly create family profiles whereby each family member (Mainly the kids) can track progress. I know this is not the apps main intention, but I think by providing a star or recognition token once a video has been watch would be a nice motivating feature for children. I did find the pricing a little expensive from a schools perspective and at £9.99 might be a little off putting for teachers. An incremental pricing structure might be more enticing for educators.

Overall, Resilient Family: Happy Child is a well-planned and thought out application that has a strong research base in neuroscience.  We will be using this application more frequently in our school and look forward to the outcomes it will provide for our students.  

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  • Resilient Family: Happy ChildResilient Family: Happy ChildResilient Family: Happy ChildResilient Family: Happy Child

Developer Description

Resilient Family: Happy Child provides simple mindfulness based, movement and awareness training for individuals, parents and older and younger children. It uses movement to discharge stress and build body awareness.   The aim is to support development of resilience and self-regulation through training in mindful movements.  

The app contains video training for learning:
-The Shakeout
-Preparatory Set & Natural State
-Basic Movements
-Dropping the Weight

Additionally, for kids, there are also 18 Low Stim (lower noise and lower visual stimulus)  and 18 High Stim (higher levels of sound and visual stimulus).  Easy to follow for kids... but  equally meaningful and enjoyable for adults.

Choose from self-guided, moving meditations like:
-Cool Down

Feelings of stress and anxiety in adults and children may be the result of life events. Also, autism and other neurodevelopmental challenges, can increase the likelihood of these feelings.
Family participation in activities such as those shown in this app, can promote well-being when parents and older siblings model behaviors and practices for and with, younger children. Family bonds are enhanced when families participate in activities together.

The app videos use nature scenes and music to create a fascinating and mesmerizing flow of imagery.  This draws the watcher into a calmer and more present state that can help to restore balance to the nervous system. The videos show simple movements that can be used at any time to support inner balance and development of self-regulation. 

This app is based on cutting edge neuroscience that demonstrates that body awareness and movement are important building blocks for developing positive feelings and self-regulation.  

Parents, teachers and older siblings are urged to watch the training videos to develop skills and understanding.  All age groups can also enjoy the beauty and practical benefits of the short, child-featured videos.  

Bring the Practices into Your Daily Life     -Make it a Habit!
-Watch by yourself or make it a family event.
-Follow along.
-Take time to be aware.
-Notice what you feel.
-Make activities playful.
-Be patient and kind to yourself. 
-Stay with it!
-It takes time to build resilience.

The app also contain a reminder feature. We hope that it will be useful in supporting your new practices.  

For those wanting tools to promote a sense of well-being and self-regulation for yourself and family members, we made these tools especially for you.

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