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About RescueTime for iPhone

RescueTime for iOS and Android helps you to keep track of all your activities (computer/web/phone) thus giving you insight into how productive you've been. Waste less time and get more done with RescueTime for iPhone, an outstanding time-management tool that provides intelligent insights into how you spend your days.

RescueTime for iPhone Review

RescueTime helps you track your time and gain a clear picture of how you spend your time online. However, while RescueTime does an exceptional job in tracking time and sending reports, it lacks a few key features.

Probably my favorite feature is the weekly email showing me how many hours I worked, and how many of those hours were productive. There are reasons why these numbers aren't completely reliable, but they provide a lot of insight.

Staying focused and managing my time. When you're aware of how much time you spend going various distracting things (Netflix, Amazon, mobile game) it's makes you reconsider how you should spend your time in the coming week.

RescueTime Pros:

#1 Brilliant time tracking and reporting

Accurate time tracking is one of the most notable features of RescueTime. The dashboard refrsshes every five to fifteen minutes, to give you real-time reporting for time spent on your phone or computer.

#2 Set Goals

RescueTime lets you set goals (e.g. restrict social media to one hour day) that can help increase your productivity.

This feature helps users know how they’re progressing towards their desired productivity goal. And this is a unique feature that ai couldn’t find in any other time tracking tool I tested.

#3 Website Blocking

RescueTime is great if you tend to get distracted by social media or news sites while working. The ability to block sites this requires the Premium service, but can be well worth it.

#4 Fast customer support

When I had a question, the support team got back to me within 5 hours and gave a detailed explanation about their product’s feature.

RescueTime Cons

#1 Not so User-friendly interface

The app interface shows a lot of things at once, such as total logged time, productivity pulse, a small timer icon in the bottom right corner, etc. This confusing as there are no clear instructions.

#2 No POMODORO support

Unlike FocusMe and Toggl, there is no POMODORO support in the RescueTime app.

#3 No scheduling

There also does not seem to be any option to schedule a task for a certain time period.

RescueTime Plans

RescueTime is one of the few time tracking tools with a free account option. The RescueTime Lite plan comes with zero cost and limited features. RescueTime premium plan starts from $9/month or $72 when paid annually.

Do I recommend RescueTime?

As a free app, it enables you to track your time and also shows you how much time you’re spending on each website . If you need to block websites, then you can consider the premium plan. However, all things considered, it isn’t as great a deal as FocusMe.

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