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About Remind

Remind is a safe, simple communication app that offers teachers a free, safe and simple way to instantly text students and parents. Remind is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and for Android devices as well as on desktop (PCs, laptops and Mac computers).

Remind Review

Remind enables teachers to schedule reminders for a future date to remind parents what students need to complete, bring, or remember. Remind 101 can also serve as a way to contact all subscribing parents in the event of a school closing or early dismissal.

Teachers can send frequent messages to their students such as daily assignments (page # and problems assigned), reminders of upcoming tests, pictures of textbook page. They can also message individual students, an entire class of students, or multiple classes at the same time.

Students can also use it to contact teachers by asking questions about missing homework or content questions as well. Parents can sign up as well so they can stay informed. Even parents of high school students appreciate knowing their child's assignments, upcoming tests, etc.

Remind app also allows the student to reach out to teachers during non-school hours if they have a question or concern. Students have also messaged teachers on Remind when they miss school due to an illness. This allows them to notify teachers and get an idea on what they are missing in class so they come prepared upon their return. As the facilitator, you can decide if you would like the students to be able to communicate with each other or just with you, the teacher. You can type a reminder and schedule its delivery for a later date and time, too!

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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Remind is a simple communication app that offers teachers a free, safe and simple way to instantly text students and parents. Teachers can send or schedule reminders, assignments, homework, assessments, or motivational messages directly to students' and parents' phones. Interactions are safe because phone numbers are kept private, and messages are sent with no open replies. Teachers, students and parents see mobile messages from all their classes in one place.

For students and parents, Remind provides an easier way to stay informed outside of the classroom. They can now download the app and opt-in to receive messages faster with push notifications!

Use Remind to send free text messages to save time, engage students and involve parents with your class. Try it today! And if you love it, share it with your colleagues or write a review!

BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK: “Jessica D, a teacher in Louisiana, uses Remind daily to brief parents on whether their children did well in class and what their homework is for the night. She says the app has led more students to complete their homework and even credits it with improving scores on standardized tests. “The word I use is ‘transform,’ ” she says. “It transformed my classroom. And I think it made me a better teacher.”

PARENTING: According to a study conducted by Harvard University, on average, teacher-family communication increased the odds a student completed their homework by 42% and decreased instances in which teachers had to redirect students' attention to the task at hand by 25%. Parent-teacher communication is clearly key to a student's success, and Remind can help.

BUZZFEED: “...SMS allows the app to be used by parents without smartphones. Brett Kopf said that Remind’s features have proved especially popular in low-income districts, where parent engagement is a key issue for teachers, and parents’ sometimes erratic work schedules can make it difficult to get in touch by phone.”

Note: Remind is only available in English. Stay tuned for more languages!

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