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About Remind

Remind is a website and app that acts as a communication platform for teachers to send messages to multiple recipients at once. Remind is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and for Android devices as well as on desktop (PCs, laptops and Mac computers).

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What is Remind?

Remind is a free, safe and simple way for educators to instantly text message students, parents and other educators. Remind helps teachers reach students and parents where they are.

Remind enables teachers to schedule reminders for a future date to remind parents what students need to complete, bring, or remember. Remind 101 can also serve as a way to contact all subscribing parents in the event of a school closing or early dismissal.

Teachers can send frequent messages to their students such as daily assignments (page # and problems assigned), reminders of upcoming tests, pictures of textbook page. They can also message individual students, an entire class of students, or multiple classes at the same time.

Students can also use it to contact teachers by asking questions about missing homework or content questions as well. Parents can sign up as well so they can stay informed. Even parents of high school students appreciate knowing their child's assignments, upcoming tests, etc.

Remind app also allows the student to reach out to teachers during non-school hours if they have a question or concern. Students have also messaged teachers on Remind when they miss school due to an illness. This allows them to notify teachers and get an idea on what they are missing in class so they come prepared upon their return. As the facilitator, you can decide if you would like the students to be able to communicate with each other or just with you, the teacher. You can type a reminder and schedule its delivery for a later date and time, too!

Is Remind app free?

Remind has a free account option that includes features such as messaging, app integrations, 10 classes per account, and 150 participants per class.

How much does Remind cost?

A premium account is also available, priced by quote, with 100 classes per account and 5,000 participants per class, plus two-way preferred language translation, long messages, video conferencing integration, rostering, admin controls, statistics, LMS integration, urgent messaging, and more.

Is Remind safe to use?

Yes, Remind is safe to use. Personal contact information is kept private. Phone numbers are not exchanged between teachers, students, and parents.

Is Remind available on computer?

Teachers can use Remind to reach students and parents on any device —a computer, tablet or any mobile phone.


Remind plays nice with Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, so teachers can easily share materials via the integrated service. You can attach content from your cloud drive right there from within the Remind app. Other pairing partners include SurveyMonkey, Flipgrid, SignUp, Box, and SignUpGenius.

Remind also allows teachers to share links to video content, be it coming up or pre-recorded, such as from Google Meet and Zoom.


The free version of Remind has a 140 character limit which can be limiting when trying to get information out to students. However, that limit is only for the announcements to the whole class. The one-on-one messaging does not seem to have limits, which is useful.

Remind is a classroom messaging app that helps teachers build relationships with students and parents every day. By connecting school communities, Remind makes it easy for everyone to succeed together.

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