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About Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk is a highly organized task list and to-do app. Remember the Milk is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Remember The Milk Review

What is Remember the Milk?

Remember The Milk is a task-organizing app that can help teens and adults juggle long to-do lists, complicated schedules, and multiple project deadlines.

What do we like about Remember the Milk?

Different lists can be created to organise tasks. The fact that this app can be used on a variety of platforms (including iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Outlook, and more) makes it simple to add and checklist frequently for up-to-date information, but it also increases the complexity of using this as a tool, particularly if multiple people are adding items to the list. The app can be easily downloaded on any Android and IOS device. 

What skills does it improve?

Remember The Milk, like every task-organizing tool, is only as helpful as the user who enters tasks and keeps track of their fulfilment. However, if utilised effectively and frequently, this app can assist students and teachers in staying on top of everything that requires attention. 

This free programme can serve as a springboard in the classroom for teaching students useful life skills in an organisation that they can use when they graduate from high school.

What age is it appropriate for?

Remember The Milk is appropriate for students in grades 8-12. 

Is Remember the Milk free?

Remember The Milk has a free edition with some quite practical features, like task and list sharing, reminder setting, and integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Evernote.

Is Remember the Milk easy to use?

Create an account by entering your name, email address, username, and password (users must be 13 or older). Swipe through the task list elements on an iOS device, which are separated into sections that function like stacked index cards for lists (today, this week, etc.), tasks, and then notes for each task. The menu on the Android app is accessed by tapping, not swiping. Select a list for your assignment, hit "plus" or "Add Task," then enter the task information. 

You can select the information you wish to add for that task, its importance, and more from a row of potential tags and alternatives that will show. If more information is needed for the work, add a note. To finish a task, tap the checkmark. It doesn't take long to get used to the user interface because it is fairly simple. The assistance section is simple to use if you get stuck.

How will students benefit?

Students can use this straightforward programme to develop their self-direction, goal-setting, and goal-achieving skills if it is used appropriately and consistently. The simple user interface enables teachers and students to concentrate on utilising it as a tool for task management, setting priorities for time, and categorising stuff inside a system, even though it wasn't designed with learning in mind. 

Just write in the task names, and then sort or tag them by name, list (work, home, school, etc.), priority, due date, and time. You can construct Smart Lists, which are unique lists based on one or more of your own criteria and are updated automatically as your tasks change. You can create lists that, for instance, only display tasks that are due this month, have a high priority or are past due. In essence, it is a filtering system.

If you don't mind spending a little time learning the shortcuts and how it operates, you can also add tasks by sending an email and using what they term Smart Add syntax in the subject header.

How will children benefit?

Remember the Milk's personalized set of categories makes it much easier your child to stay organized. But the app only comes stock with a few default folders. The rest is up to your child to create. It's important that your child can create a set of categorize umbrella terms for his tasks and areas of interests.

You can get your child started by suggesting a few folder names like "extra curricular activities" or "household chores." Maybe your child would like to get more specific. Suggest that he make a task folder for each subject in school. A folder simply titled as "schoolwork" might make it difficult to sort through an ever expanding list of homework assignments and long term projects.

With separate Remember the Milk categories for each subject in school, your child will be armed with the a good organizational foundation for success in the classroom.

How will teachers benefit?

A simple user interface places the emphasis on developing good task organisation skills.

How will parents benefit?

It has great potential to assist teenagers in developing organisational skills as a free, simple work management tool.

What can Remember the Milk improve on?

Teen users who might require instruction on how to use a task-management programme efficiently are not specifically targeted for support.

How much does it cost?

The Pro Version costs $39.99 a year and it unlocks a variety of extra features, including the ability to divide jobs into smaller tasks, the ability to colour-code tags to better organise your lists, reminder notifications for mobile devices, and limitless task sharing.

Final thoughts

Remember The Milk helps you to make a task that can be listed by name and list or in any of the aforementioned categories. Many various mobile devices, the associated website, and additional sources like Google Calendar can all access task lists. Users can enter tasks even if they don't currently have wireless access. There is even a keyword search tool for exceptionally lengthy work lists. The tabs labelled Complete and Incomplete show what needs to be done. When users can mark a task as complete by checking it off, it might give them a small sense of accomplishment.

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Remember The Milk

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