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About Reflex Student

Reflex Math app is designed to improve math fact fluency.  It does this through the use of its many Reflex Math games which can be played via its app or using its web-based service.

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Reflex Math games have as their primary focus, math fact fluency.  The developers want those who use the Reflex Math games to come up with answers accurately and fluently - as a reflex, you might say.

The Reflex Math student sign up is all managed by the teacher or parent who has created the Reflex Math account.  In this process, the adult taking out the subscription or, in the first instance, taking out a Reflex Math free trial, sets up their teacher or parent area as well as the Reflex Math login for students.

This process is very easy to follow and results in a simple way for children to complete the Reflex Math login when they come to play the Reflex math games.  There has to be a student login because the app tracks student engagement and progress and puts them into reports that the adult (parent or teacher) can use to see how their children's math fact fluency has improved.  

While adults control their account using the Reflex Math parent and teacher area, children have more flexibility.  As well as the website, there is a Reflex student app.  Whichever way children access them, the Reflex games are just as easy to play, well presented, and feature-packed.  

Even on the web, where educational apps are often a little less ambitious, the Reflex games have plenty of graphical flourishes and copious amounts of narration from the characters that bring the math games alive. The different locations, the talking animals, and the varied environments for the different problems to be solved are different from each other and keep each session feeling fresh.

It is easy for children to find the reflex math login by searching 'reflex math go' in any popular search engine. There is no requirement for children to remember complex log-in details - just their teacher's log-in name and the child's own, simple password are all that is required.  This a well-designed and child-friendly feature often overlooked on web-based platforms for children.

Reflex Math's stated purpose is to improve math fact fluency so it is dependent on the repetition of arithmetic problems.   Only practice can result in the instinctive feel for arithmetic that the designers of the service aim to develop in your children.  

It is a fact that most math games played on a computer are most successful in looking and sounding like games and rather less successful in playing like the pure entertainment titles from which they take inspiration and this is true of Reflex Math, too.  To be fair, this is unavoidable as arithmetic topics can only be approached in so many ways - a question has to be set and answered.  

At least wrapping up the math in a more stimulating package than a worksheet makes the process more enjoyable and the rewards more entertaining.  This makes it easier to encourage children to engage with the Reflex games and helps to keep their focus and avoid the disheartening errors that can come from a child's mind wandering as a bland worksheet is tackled.

The pedagogy behind the Reflex Math's approach is explained on its supporting website.  Essentially, it places an emphasis on math fact fluency because it underpins problem-solving in other areas of maths.  If a child is engaged in a complex problem, getting stuck on the arithmetic can derail their chain of thought or an inaccuracy early on in the process can render the final answer wrong even if subsequent calculations are correct.  The developers want children to be able to state confidently: 'math problem solved!'.

The value that you place upon this process will depend on your educational philosophy and experience.  Some teachers are not fans of this rote and drill-style while others think it is the best way.  If you think that your children could learn from a little and often approach to arithmetic practice, where each math game produces quick-fire questions, Reflex Math is very much worth considering.  There is a Reflex Math free trial so that you can do so without any financial risk.  It includes both the parent/teacher area and a number of child accounts so you can get a clear overview.

Go get the Reflex Math free trial and explore and practise math fact fluency with your children.

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