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Reflex Math Fact Fluency

About Reflex Math Fact Fluency

Reflex Math is an app for an elementary math class students for mastering basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Teacher Review

Reflex Math app is great as an intervention for students who are having difficulty with basic fact fluency in math. Students are given access either during whole class computer time as a follow up or menu item, given opportunities at recess, or cycled through classroom tech a few students at a time. Reflex can take as little as 10 minutes after students have learned the skills necessary to maximize the program. The students can find fast-paced games and rewards while Teachers can use the reports that will help them monitor and track their students’ progress. 

One of the best features of the program is that students learn related operations at the same time, with visual representations that help them deepen their understanding.

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  • Reflex Math Fact FluencyReflex Math Fact FluencyReflex Math Fact FluencyReflex Math Fact FluencyReflex Math Fact Fluency

Publisher's Description

Reflex is an award-winning research-based system that helps grade 2-8 students to develop instant, effortless recall of math facts in all four operations. Students have already answered billions of math facts on Reflex, increasing their skill, confidence and test scores.

Reflex provides:

  • A highly adaptive environment that continually adjusts to create the optimal learning experience for every child
  • Fun and motivational game-based learning, so students enjoy using the program and take pride in their success
  • Outstanding results for students of all ability levels across grades 2-8.
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