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About Readmio: Bedtime Stories Aloud

Readmio is a wonderful app that provides short stories for children focusing on life lessons. This unique application responds to your words with sounds making the story a truly magical experience. Readmio provides stories to support the mental and emotional well-being of children as well as providing a positive attitude towards reading.

This application is free from in-app adverts and has protected in-app purchases for access to the Readmio Library with over 200 stories. The application currently provides few free stories with updates every week. The application is available for Apple iOS and Android devices in both mobile and tablet formats. The app is supported by a developer’s website that includes links to news and features. It is noted that an internet connection is required for downloading the stories but not for reading them. 

Readmio: Bedtime Stories Aloud Review

Readmio opens promptly with a delightful splash screen displaying the words “Happy Together” which leads the screen to set up your child for success. The next screen displays Readmio’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. No data or voice is stored anywhere. Once these have been selected the user is shown the main dashboard which is wonderfully presented with stunning graphics, a Free storybook scrolling banner, this week’s stories and several menu options which include:

News – Brings you the latest entries of stories for the week, month, last month and more. Each story displays whether it is free or locked using the padlock icon in the top right, the appropriate age range for the story and the time the story will take to read.

Browse – Parents, children and teachers can browse and search the book library. Books are categorised into free stories, 3-5-year olds, 5-8-year olds, 8-11-year olds, bedtime stories, nature, science, around the world, about animals, folk tales and Aesop’s fables. Each chosen category displays the stories accordingly.

Library – This function enables the user to display stories that have been downloaded to the application.

Profile – This feature includes how long the reader has read, the number of books read and rewards. Here the user will also find contact information, language selection, reading time reminders, experiment mode and more.

We particularly liked the Reading time and reminders that displayed data for reading time this week, last week, month and overall. This could be ideal for parental and teacher feedback.

The Experimental mode allows parents and teachers the option to record their new fairy tale or read a book using the audio recording. There is a useful tips and tricks page to help you experiment.

Once a book has been selected it can be downloaded. There are some options such as printing the story, downloading it as a PDF and uploading it via email, social media, Google Drive and much more. A printed version of the story could be ideal for a classroom situation where children can follow the story as it is read aloud. Each story offers a small description along with Things to discuss the story. This is a fantastic feature and will enable children to explore further communication with their parents or teacher improving their confidence and vocabulary.

Pressing the ‘Read’ icon sets the story in motion.

The text is clear and precise. Text size can be changed using the icon in the top right, along with background colour and level of brightness (ideal for those sleepy eyes at bedtime). The Record icon allows the reader to record their story to be saved in the library. The microphone icon at the top will listen for the keywords in bold that will trigger the sounds that enhance the story. Read slowly and clearly. Once a keyword is reached a delightful sound will accompany the storyline. Do not worry if you make a mistake it still works flawlessly!

Is the Readmio app easy to use?

Readmio is a versatile application with menu systems and features that are very easy to navigate. The application has a clean look to the interface and the graphics are truly stunning! At no point does the screen look cluttered. The interface has lots of high-quality content that parents and children will find educational and exciting. The fonts, graphics and scrolling screens make the application a pleasure to use. The application is easy to set up and the voice recognition works very well.

How will parents benefit?

This application could simply be a lifeline for parents who are struggling to engage their children with reading no matter what their age. Parents will find the user interface easy to navigate and children can use the app with little instruction from the outset. The rewards system will motivate children and encourage them to read. Parents can access the reading report after the app has been used for a short period. This information could be a valuable insight into how their child is developing as a reader. As suggested by the application parents may wish to use a speaker to enhance the sound bites within the stories for full impact. Remember you do not have to worry about your speed of reading; for the best results just don’t read too fast!

How will teachers benefit?

There are certainly stories within the application that will engage any classroom student.  Teachers certainly should recommend this application for parents who may be struggling to engage their children at home with reading. The reward system could lend itself to classroom motivation and competition. The stories can be used as starting points for classroom topics and discussions. The teacher can use the story descriptions for lesson plan guidance as an initial starting point. Many of the stories will support children’s mental health and wellbeing.

How will the user benefit?

The developers have a vast amount of experience and have thought very carefully about how to present the chosen stories and sounds. There is something for everyone within the application and the wonderful graphics and interface will keep children entertained for hours and hours. 

What we love about the Readmio app

This application delivers on many levels and we particularly enjoyed the following: 

The application has a clean and uncluttered layout and some great illustrations. The application is simple and easy to navigate.

We simply love the Reading time, and Books read statistics. This is an ideal way for parents and teachers to monitor progress.

The rewards system is a lovely feature and will enable children to explore healthy competition with siblings or classmates.

We love the discussion points and questions that are displayed along with the story. This is ideal for classroom and home discussions.

How much does the Readmio app cost?

Readmio is a free application available on the iOS and Android platforms. The subscription will unlock the entire Readmio library. This is charged at a yearly or monthly subscription.

Is Readmio safe to use?

Yes, Readmio is safe to use, however, the application does require an internet connection to download the fairy tale but not for the reading itself. No data or voice is stored anywhere.

What the Readmio app could improve on

The application categories could benefit from a different age range. If the user is aged 5 years old, do they search in the 3-5 years old category or the 5-8 years old category? We believe this should read 3-5 years old and then 6-8.

The application might benefit from categories such as Values. What does the story teach? This could include values such as character, honesty, friendship, courage, kindness etc. 

The ability to print Awards in a certificate style format would be ideal for children at home and in classrooms.

The developers could consider suitable coloured backgrounds for those children who are dyslexic.

Overall Rating of the application

Readmio is an excellent application which provides an array of enriched stories that children will exciting and engaging. The application comes with an easy to use interface and delightfully illustrated fairy tale content suitable for ages 3 to 11. The application offers a truly wonderful reading experience using powerful stories that form the basis of society that help to spread and maintain wisdom. The Readmio application comes highly recommended by The

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