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About Reading Unlocked

Reading Unlocked is a structured phonics learn to read and spell program.  The no-prep lessons are carefully planned so your child’s reading improves every day. Children start reading from the very first lesson, quickly becoming confident and fluent readers and spellers.  Reading Unlocked adapts to your child, reviews their mistakes and works at their pace.

Teacher Review

Reading Unlocked’s multi-sensory program asks children to listen, read, spell and write every lesson. This, combined with repetition, so that children encounter each word multiple times over multiple lessons, makes it the most effective way to learn to read and spell. Suitable for all children aged 4-8, including those with dyslexia or who are finding learning to read difficult. 

Why you and your child will love Reading Unlocked:
  • Ideal for beginner and early readers 
  • Teaches reading and writing
  • Children experience success every day
  • Calm, distraction free learning environment
  • Multi-sensory, no-prep lessons
  • Uses Reading Unlocked’s Simplified Phonics system
  • Children go from ABCs to reading books in 4 months
  • Available with US or UK spelling/pronunciation
  • Works on any computer or tablet.
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Reading Unlocked

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Our Simplified Phonics™ program teaches children to read and write.

Reading Unlocked is a structured phonics program that adapts to your child, reviewing mistakes and working at their pace.

Children learn to read and spell phonetically. Tricky words are taught separately to make them memorable.

Children confidently learn to read and write in only 15 minutes a day. Each lesson ends with an engaging poem for you to read with your child, so that they experience reading real texts.

Reading Unlocked teaches sounds, then easy words, then multi syllable words, in a clear and simple way. It teaches children to read, not to guess from a picture or guess from the first letter. It teaches children to read new words, without memorization.

Reading Unlocked's super strength phonics syllabus is particularly suitable for children with dyslexia or who find reading hard.

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