Reading Raven

Category: English / Literacy

Ages: 3-5
Price: iPhone/iPad - Paid

This app builds reading and spelling skills through a sequence of carefully designed games. This ranges from identifying, matching and tracing letters, to writing, reading and recording words, sentences and very short stories. There are three levels of activities, and five lessons with different themes, which give children lots of opportunities to practice the skills while maintaining a high level of interest. 

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From the Developer

Reading Raven is an extremely fun and engaging learn-to-read educational game that provides step-by-step reading lessons designed to help young children build a solid foundation for reading.


  • Self-paced lessons take kids all the way from pre-reading to reading sentences!
  • Eleven types of super fun games/activities that teach critical sub-skills!
  • Fully customizable by age or reading level!
  • Speed and tolerance dynamically adapt to motor control ability!
  • Sticker rewards that reinforce what was learned!
  • No pressure tactics!
  • Extremely effective voice instructions and feedback!
  • Free form letter and word writing!
  • Children can pause and save their progress anytime!
  • Beautiful hand-illustrated artwork!
  • No third party advertising!
  • No external links to social network sites!

With the Reading Raven companion guiding them along, children will go on delightful fun-filled adventures where they will encounter fly eating frogs, caterpillars that turn into butterflies, circus acrobats, ball balancing seals, underwater sea creatures, snow monsters, flying penguins, space robots, rhyming rockets, and much more!

Reading Raven includes the following progression of self-paced educational activities:

Ages 3 and Up

  • Letter matching
  • Letter tracing
  • Letter sounds
  • Word matching

Ages 4 and Up

  • Vocabulary
  • Word beginnings
  • Word building (spelling)
  • Word spotting

Ages 5 and Up

  • Reading aloud using voice recording
  • Word tracing
  • Word groups (rhyming and beginning sounds)

Reading Raven includes five extensive lessons, with hundreds of individual activities in total. Parents and teachers will find the multi-sensory learning games to be a great complement to traditional classroom and home-based reading instruction.

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