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About ReadCube

ReadCube can be great tool for centering your reading and annotating activities on PDF files, but regarding reference management, it still falls a bit short, probably due to its relatively young age. Nonetheless, it is a platform that deserves following, since in its short history, it introduced some interesting innovations on its area.

ReadCube has a slick interface and its abilities of reading, highlighting and annotating PDFs are very useful. When importing PDFs, ReadCube tries to identify the relevant metadata, similarly to Mendeley. Unfortunately, many academic publishers use different formats for incorporating metadata in their articles, making automated solutions like ReadCube fail often. However, in addition to allowing manually entering the metadata, ReadCube adds a welcome functionality, called "Help ReadCube resolve article", where the user fills the blanks by simply highlighting parts of the article and setting its category (title, authors, journal, etc.). Then ReadCube checks online for a match. This makes correcting PDF metadata in a large libraries much easier.

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ReadCube is the simplest way to read, manage and discover research literature. ReadCube on your iPhone and iPad are the perfect companions to the free ReadCube desktop software, enabling you to access your papers anywhere – read on the go, organize your library and annotate PDFs with notes and highlights.

ReadCube Enhanced PDF features include:
• Tap-able inline citations, reference lists and author names so you can quickly find cited articles and related information
• Supplements are automatically attached where available
• Full screen PDF viewing plus multi-touch zoom/navigation for an optimal reading experience
• Multi-color highlighting and note taking tools

Easily find new papers:
• Search in PubMed, Google Scholar or ReadCube databases within the app
• Quickly download new articles with a single tap when you’re on campus or with your institutional proxy

Or import directly from Safari, email attachments and other apps:
• In Safari or your preferred browser, use any search engine to find article PDFs
• Use the “Open In…” option from the browser or any app to add PDFs to your ReadCube library
• Metadata are automatically resolved - no more guessing with cryptic file names

ReadCube personalized Recommendations:
• Our most popular feature!
• Discover relevant new papers based on your library – you’ll never miss another important paper again

Stay organized:
• Create custom lists and sort articles into one or multiple lists
• Quickly search your entire library (and all annotations)
• Add any number of #tags to further customize your library organization

ReadCube Pro features:
• Sync everything – papers, notes, highlights – between the free ReadCube desktop app and your mobile devices
• Unlimited cloud storage space for your PDFs

Simplify your research life – try ReadCube for free on your iPhone, iPad and computer.

We love feedback from our users - please email with any suggestions or issues. Thanks for using ReadCube!

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