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About ReadAnywhere

ReadAnywhere app helps you to read or study whenever it suits you. McGraw Hill products, such as the eBook and adaptive assignments in Connect, are available through ReadAnywhere. Take notes, mark passages, and finish assignments while away - your work will sync the next time you visit ReadAnywhere. Start learning wherever and whenever you choose with your McGraw Hill Connect or McGraw Hill eBook username and password! The app is available free of cost and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It is a perfect fit for people of all ages. ReadAnywhere opens the best opportunity to explore the reading skills of every individual and enrich their knowledge.

ReadAnywhere is an app that makes studying an easy process for students. 

ReadAnywhere Review

What do we like about Read Anywhere?

ReadAnywhere offers the utmost convenience for students to make learning an enjoyable process. It has tools to highlight and annotate the words and helps to refresh the ideas stormed in their brains. 

What skills does it improve?

ReadAnywhere offers every person the best opportunity to explore their reading abilities and increase their knowledge.

What age is it appropriate for?

ReadAnywhere is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Read Anywhere free?

ReadAnywhere is available to download on all Android and IOS devices. 

Is Read Anywhere easy to use?

Both ReadAnywhere's functionality and appearance are excellent. It is quite simple to switch between parts, highlight crucial information, and peruse my bookmarks and highlights.

How will students benefit?

Even when they are offline, ReadAnywhere enables students to download and read textbook chapters, take notes, and do SmartBook 2.0 assignments. Students can access the app to sync their assignments and notes once their mobile devices are once again connected.

With just a smartphone or tablet, ReadAnywhere makes it simple to read, take notes, highlight text, and more. Give students the flexibility and freedom to study whenever and wherever they want.

How will parents benefit?

ReadAnywhere makes it simple to read, take notes, highlight text, and more. Give your kids the flexibility and freedom to study whenever and wherever they want.

What can Read Anywhere improve on?

ReadAnywhere does not have any negatives remark. 

How much does Read Anywhere cost?

ReadAnywhere is available free of cost. 

Final thoughts

Utilize the McGraw Hill ReadAnywhere app whenever it's convenient for you to read or study. Users of ReadAnywhere have access to McGraw Hill resources, such as the eBook, adaptive assignments in Connect, and the eBook. Take notes, highlight passages, and finish tasks when not online; all of your work will sync up the next time you open ReadAnywhere.

The functionality of the McGraw Hill eBook and the eBook available on its online learning platform, McGraw Hill Connect, is shared by ReadAnywhere. It will automatically sync across several platforms if Wi-Fi is available. While offline, users can complete assignments, take notes, highlight text, and have content read aloud.

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Android, iPad, iPhone






Academic Relevance


In-App Purchases - Yes

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You can download ReadAnywhere on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the ReadAnywhere app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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