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About Readability Reading Tutor

Readability Reading Tutor is an app for helping kids to improve their reading skills. Aimed at children aged between 5 and 11, it takes them through their first steps and then strengthens and consolidates their reading ability.

Available on iOS and Android, this app is a free download with a trial period of 7 days. After this time, you can take out a monthly subscription that covers up to three children.

Readability Reading Tutor Review

What is Readability Reading Tutor app?

Readability Reading Tutor develops the reading skills of kids. It is the first reading app to do so that makes use of cutting-edge speech recognition and artificial intelligence technology.    

This technology means that children aren't limited to reading to an unresponsive book or waiting until parents and teachers are free to listen. Instead, children can read to their mobile device as it follows their progress and points out when they have made a mistake. The Readability Reading Tutor app also models how to speak each word and sentence correctly. 

What we love about Readability Reading Tutor?

The speech recognition does a good job of following the reader's progress and accepting their spoken answers. It is not flawless although it mostly keeps up with the reader and points out the majority of errors. The accuracy of the speech recognition is likely to depend on accent, background noise, and the pitch of the reader's voice. Some people will have better experiences than others - during this review, it worked surprisingly well. 

There is a wide selection of books, and they cover a variety of story types and writing styles. The content of some the stories, both text and pictures, are not likely to make them into childhood favourites, but they provide effective reading practice. 

What skills does it improve?

Readability Reading Tutor supports children as they improve their reading skills. Recognising that reading is not just about saying words but extracting meaning from them, this app also encourages children to focus on comprehension. 

At the end of each story, the app asks children questions about what they have read. They give their answers in spoken form, and the app gives them immediate feedback.   

What age is it appropriate for?

Readability Reading Tutor is aimed at children between the US grades of kindergarten and grade 5. For those in other regions, this is aged 5 to 11. 

Is Readability Reading Tutor easy to use?

Parents will find setting up accounts to be straightforward and likewise monitoring children's use of the app. Children can get straight into reading a book with little fuss. The existing reading ability of children will not hinder their ability to navigate the app as its controls are simple and intuitive. 

How will students benefit?

Readability Reading Tutor does not replace teachers and parents in their supporting role. Reading to another person is still the best way for children to gain motivation, confidence, and develop an enjoyment of reading. But adult help is not always available. 

Children practising reading with less sophisticated apps or using traditional means won't get the corrections and assistance provided by Readability Reading Tutor unless a parent or teacher is there to help. This app increases the opportunities for children to engage in practice sessions that can really see their skills grow.  

How will teachers benefit?

School staff and teachers can only listen to one child read at a time. Readability Reading Tutor lets other children carry on practising while a classmate reads to their teacher. The support provided by the app makes much better use of teachers' and children's time. The clear and useful assessment screens feed back children's engagement and progress to teachers.   

How will parents benefit?

Few parents want an app to replace them in helping their child learn to read but Readability Reading Tutor does a fine job of supplementing the help they give. Helping children learn to read isn't something that can be a part of multitasking, so this app lets children practice independently while parents get on with the work of their daily lives. 

What Readability Reading Tutor can improve on?

The app needs to be online as the speech recognition of Readability Reading Tutor is not processed on the device. While not a significant problem, it does make your experience dependent on your internet speed. 

On a modest internet connection, there will be times when the reader starts to read, but the app has not finished its existing task. This delay is marked by a buffering icon that should be more attention-grabbing as it is easy to miss. It could be confusing for children who have begun reading but not had their progress reflected in the app as it has been unable to start recognising the spoken words. 

Readability Reading Tutor looks better on a phone's screen than on a tablet's. Some of the pictures don't sharply render when they scale for the larger screen. A few of the stories written in a poetic style also appear to have formatting errors when they are on a large screen.  

How much does Readability Reading Tutor cost?

Readability Reading Tutor app is free to download and for new users comes with a seven-day free trial.   

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The free trial is fully functional until its expiry at which point the Readability Reading Tutor exercises and books become unavailable. A subscription unlocks the full service and continues the progress made during the trial period. 

Is Readability Reading Tutor safe to use?

The stories in Readability Reading Tutor app are entirely appropriate for the app's intended audience of young children. There are no advertisements, inappropriate content or external links. 

Overall rating of the app

We want our children to be confident and independent readers. Readability Reading Tutor provides a useful means of support when parents and teachers cannot give the time they would ideally like to offer. It has a good variety of reading material which, it is promised, will continue to grow. Parents and teachers should check out the 7-day trial so they can try out Readability Reading Tutor app with their kids.

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